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Shiba Inu: Shibarium RPC Node Sets New Weekly Record with 7M+ Requests Processed


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Shibarium RPC node sets new weekly record with over 7 million requests processed by NOWNodes, sparking interest from enterprise partners.

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NOWNodes, a prominent node provider supporting over 80 blockchain networks, has shared exciting developments regarding its latest venture, the Shibarium remote procedure call (RPC) node.

Taking to X, NOWNodes revealed that the numbers around the Shibarium RPC node have continued to increase. It disclosed that the surge comes barely a week after deploying the RPC nodes for software engineers and businesses. 

Over 7M Request Processed

In particular, NOWNodes mentioned that Shibarium achieved a remarkable feat as they processed over 7 million RPC requests for the network in a week. The firm noted that the RPC requests processed for Shibarium set a new record for the platform’s debut on NOWNodes.

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“Shibarium hit the weekly record in debut launched at NOWNodes,” the node provider remarked. 

Furthermore, NOWNodes stated that the achievement is just the beginning. It hinted at upcoming milestones as interest in the layer-two blockchain for the Shiba Inu ecosystem increases. 

Specifically, the node provider disclosed that many of its enterprise partners had expressed interest in using the Shibarium RPC Full Node. According to NOWNodes, token migration is the only thing holding back these partnerships from going live.

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Regardless, the node provider asserted that the collaborations are happening. Also, NOWNodes highlighted the most prominent use cases of the Shibarium RPC node. 

Per the update, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and Bridges are the top utilities for Shibarium via NOWNodes. Notably, bridges allow users to transfer digital assets between different blockchains.

Shibarium Node Guide

Meanwhile, NOWNodes noted that the development community had continuously inquired about the working principles of Shibarium RPC nodes. To cater to the growing interest and inquiries from the community, NOWNodes introduced a comprehensive Shibarium guide.

Specifically, NOWNodes published a YouTube video tutorial detailing making RPC requests to Shibarium Full Node using a dedicated API private key. 

Recall that NOWNodes first registered interest in supporting Shibarium as a node provider in February. A month later, the platform shared a roadmap on how they plan to integrate Shibarium after its launch.

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