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Shibarium RPC Node Goes Live on NOWNodes, Offering Developers “Literally Zero Limits”


The wait is finally over, as the Shiba Inu developer community can now take charge of the much-awaited Shibarium remote procedure call (RPC) node provided by NOWNodes.

NOWNodes, a leading blockchain node provider, recently announced that Shibarium RPC Full Node is now live for public use. The firm communicated the development in a tweet today, noting that it is a new era for the community.

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NOWNodes expressed excitement for successfully unveiling the Shibarium RPC node. According to the team, the unveiling marked the beginning of more fruitful development endeavors.

Notably, this deployment comes just a week after NOWNodes issued a clarification note concerning the delay in releasing the Shibarium RPC node. As The Crypto Basic reported, the team claimed the delay was due to the unavailability of crucial files from the Shiba Inu development team.

Shibarium RPC Node

According to the team’s statement, the Shibarium RPC Full Node offers software engineers and crypto firms the opportunity to create and build on the Shibarium network with absolute freedom. It particularly noted that there are “literally zero limits.”

Notably, RPC nodes represent a crucial part of a blockchain infrastructure for facilitating external services’ interactions with the network. They function as connectors, enabling developers to transmit and receive requests to and from the blockchain seamlessly.

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In the release note, NOWNodes highlighted the advantages of accessing Shiba Inu nodes through the platform. It stated that those seeking to leverage Shibarium get direct access with the highest security standards, transaction speed, and stability.

The statement read:

“With SHIB RPC nodes, you can enjoy seamless integration of Shibarium Mainnet within your crypto project, power your infrastructure, and be done with node maintenance in less than one hour.”

Since the Shibarium RPC node is now deployed, the node provider says it is now strengthening its partnership with the Shiba Inu-theme hardware wallet provider, Tangem. In particular, NOWNodes proclaimed it is supporting Tangem’s Shibarium’s integration.

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