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Top US Exchange Uphold Launches 50,000 XRP Giveaway


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Pro-XRP exchange Uphold offers a 150% increase in XRP prize to 50,000 XRP in its November “XRP Sweepstakes” giveaway.

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The prominent American exchange with unyielding support for XRP has just announced a more grand XRP prize offer in the ongoing “XRP Sweepstakes” campaign that began in October.

In a recent tweet, Uphold disclosed increasing the XRP bounty for the promotion by 150%. In particular, the exchange proclaimed that 50,000 XRP is now up for grabs in its “XRP Sweepstakes” promo. 

Notably, this increase comes amid the conclusion of the first round of the XRP prize bounty. In the October offer, Uphold offered 20,000 XRP to one fortunate trader on its platform. This implies the exchange has more than doubled the reward for the November edition.

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“We’ve got 50,000 XRP up for grabs in November. Our XRP sweepstakes are back and better than ever,” the pro-XRP exchange proclaimed in the recent notification.

How to Win Uphold’s 50,000 XRP Giveaway

It is worth mentioning that the rules for winning the 50k XRP are similar to the just concluded October offer. To recap, Uphold is offering the XRP prize to a lucky trader who emerged victorious in the draw that will be conducted from qualified entries. 

Besides, eligible participants are crypto enthusiasts based in the United States. Per the terms and conditions of the game, each intending participant must first register their interest in the promotion by “opting-in.” According to Uphold, only transactions a participant conducted after the opt-in would count toward the qualified entries for the draw.

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Notably, a transaction is deemed qualified if worth $20 and above. Also, Uphold stated, “There’s no limit on the amount of entries you can get. So the more you trade, the better your chances.”

It is worth noting that invalid entries include transaction actions like fiat deposits into the same fiat currency, withdrawals, and crypto movement between Uphold users.

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