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Expert Says XRP Investment Has Bigger Potential and Opportunity than Stocks of Amazon, Apple, and Netflix


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Crypto expert Panos Mekras recently shared his perspective on the investment potential of XRP in contrast to stocks of prominent companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Netflix.

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Specifically, Mekras argued that XRP has a more extensive investment outlook than the stocks of the FAANG companies. His perspective was built on a post by renowned stock investor Brian Feroldi.

In a recent tweet, Feroldi pointed out that latecomers to the stock market still have ample opportunity to make substantial gains, provided they take the bold move. He cited examples of successful investments in Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), and Netflix (NFLX) made five years after key milestones in their development. 

His words for each of the cited tech giants read along the lines: 

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“If you bought AAPL five years after the iPhone launch, you made a ton of money.  If you bought AMZN five years after the AWS launch, you made a ton of money. If you bought NFLX five years after it started streaming, you made a ton of money.”

Feroldi concluded the tweet by noting that being late to the party may not be as bad as most people assume. “You can be ‘late’ and still win big,” the stock investor remarked.

Crypto Author Agrees, But He Favors XRP

Notably, crypto author Panos Mekras acknowledged Feroldi’s perspective, noting such opportunities lie in the crypto sphere. Mekras highlighted that the crypto space presents similar opportunities for latecomers, albeit with tremendous potential and a wealth of innovation.

“It’s the same with crypto, but with a much bigger potential and more opportunities. So many great projects, so much innovation,” Mekras remarked.

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Meanwhile, he particularly cited that XRP and Avalanche (AVAX) represent top-tier layer-one crypto projects. According to the crypto author, XRP and AVAX are like blue-chip cryptocurrency assets.

Ultimately, Mekras’ comments underscore his belief in the significant growth potential of cryptocurrencies. These views challenge the traditional notion that entering the market at a later stage hinders the potential for substantial gains.

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