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XRPL Data Reveals Period for Most High-value XRP Remittances


High value XRP-based remittance counts remain consistent across weekdays, according to XRPL statistics, with low-value transfers frequently occurring on weekends.

An XRP Ledger ecosystem developer recently pointed out an intriguing trend in the XRP remittance scene. In a tweet, the XRPL developer highlighted that the frequency of XRP-based remittances remains relatively consistent across weekdays and holidays. 

However, a notable pattern is observable when considering the transaction values. He noted that high-value XRP remittances are mainly concentrated on weekdays. To illustrate these findings, the developer shared a chart sourced from the renowned XRP blockchain explorer XRPScan

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Notably, this disclosure comes amid XRPScan’s new addition of charts illustrating the day-to-day payment statistics of XRP-based transactions to existing XRP tracking metrics.

XRP Remittances Trend

Per XRPScan’s data, XRP-based payment counts have stayed above 200,000 from Monday to Friday in the last 30 days, which reached a high of 281,816 at a point.

However, the counts drop to around 190k for weekends, particularly Saturdays. For example, on Saturday, November 11, XRP payment counts fell to a low of 157,092.

Screenshot 2023 12 06 102535
XRP remittance count in last 30 days

Furthermore, in the last three months, the number of XRP payments from one account to another hit a high of 334,150 on Monday, October 23. Meanwhile, on a year-to-date scale, XRP payments clocked a peak count of 1,265,183 on Sunday, March 19. Interestingly, the XRP payment count hovered between 307k and 160k a few weeks before this peak. 

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Regarding the volume in XRP, XRPScan data indicated a consistently low remittance value for weekends. For instance, on November 25 and 26, XRP payment volumes stayed between 274 million and 540 million XRP.

However, during the week, from Monday, November 27 to Friday, December 1, the remittance volume surged to range of 888 million to nearly 2 billion XRP.

Screenshot 2023 12 06 102806
XRP remittance volume in the last six months

A similar pattern occurred through other observable periods, such as the last three and six months. Specifically, the low points depicted in the chart above are all XRP remittances that occurred on weekends.

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