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BNB Chain Unveils Tech Roadmap for BNB Greenfield in Mass Adoption Push


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Binance’s layer-1 blockchain protocol, BNB Chain, has released the technology roadmap for the BNB Greenfield decentralized storage network.

As an innovation designed to drive the next wave of adoption in the network, the BNB Greenfield tech roadmap hinges on 3 unique themes, including high performance, “simplified development experience,” and transformation into a “multichain platform.”

While the initial design of the BNB Chain is revolutionary, BNB Greenfield will build on this milestone by elevating the experiences of developers and users in Web2 and Web3.

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BNB Greenfield: Mission to Achieve Mass Adoption

Though mainstream tech innovators recognize the revolutionary nature of blockchain systems, this technology poses no major threat to Web2 alternatives due to the inability to scale as needed.

BNB Greenfield aims to put an end to this by driving high performance for “Mass Blockchain Adoption.” One crucial plan in this tech roadmap is to continually prioritize hitting Web2-comparable performance levels Web2 counterparts.

As revealed, the Greenfield tech roadmap features a 5x increase in SP upload and download. While the upload speed is 2 to 10 MB/s, the download speed grows as high as 20MB/s to a maximum height of 100 MB/s. Technically, crypto and Web3 investors are likely to pitch tents with a network with lower cost and faster speed.

These two key features and the accompanying crowd tend to exert undue pressure on a protocol and can cause some inconveniences for users. To address this, BNB Greenfield has committed to boosting its storage performance to eliminate threats when processing higher ticket transactions.

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The multipurpose functions of BNB Greenfield complement its multichain protocol design. It will drive access to the Data Availability (DA) layer per its design.

BNB Greenfield’s Tilt to AI

One major buzz in the blockchain world today is Artificial Intelligence (AI), with Cardano recently introducing Girolamo. Though the most established firms and protocols have not released a stellar AI product that has gone live in the mainstream market, the narratives may soon change.

For Greenfield, the challenges it aims to address in the AI sector over time are the issues relating to ownership, transparency, and innovation on prominent projects.

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