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Top 3 Leading Move-To-Earn Platforms In 2024


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In the crypto world, while Bitcoin hovers around $44,000, traders are eyeing altcoins for profits ahead of the anticipated Christmas bull run. Amidst this, the move-to-earn (M2E) sector is the new hot topic, with its market cap nearing a cool $552.4 million and expectations of hitting billions by 2028-2032. As 2024 approaches, poised to bring big things for crypto, M2E stars like Step App (FITFI), STEPN (GMT) and Walken (WLKN) are grabbing the limelight. But not all are cruising at the same speed – while GMT and WLKN are hustling to recover from their 2022 dips, FITFI is playing it cool with its steady economy, tempting ROI, and a spotless reputation, getting thumbs-ups from celebs, too. Curious to see how Step App (FITFI) is leading the M2E revolution? Then scoop on its winning strategy and potential to reshape the crypto landscape.

Step App (FITFI): Groundbreaking Approach to Fitness Rewards

If you’ve ever thought about pocketing $5 to $50 for each jog, Step App might be just what you’re looking for. Since 2022, the project has been financially rewarding its health-focused users, firmly securing its leading position in the move-to-earn market. Being the first application where FitFi meets smart AI workouts, Step proves to have a stable economy and impressive ROI as shown by its resilience throughout 2023 and an ever-growing user base. Even if you’re new to Web3, managing earnings in the app is easy, which contributes significantly to the overall adoption of the M2E model. Notably, Step’s esteemed market reputation is further boosted by rave reviews from sports superstars like Usain Bolt.

Turn Each Step into Real Money – Try Step App Today!

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As 2024 rolls in, Step App jubilantly marks its first anniversary with the vibrant launch of Step 2.0 – a major rebranding that injects innovation and simplicity to its expanding ecosystem through a fresh and more inclusive visual identity. In celebration of this exhilarating milestone, they’re hosting a not-to-be-missed $10,000 giveaway in FITFI! Along with KCAL, earned from jogs to spruce up your workout gear, FITFI forms the backbone of the Step experience and opens up exclusive app features. Both assets hold promise for future growth and, with the FITFI public vesting ending on January 26, now is an ideal time to snag some tokens before their value takes off. To dive into the giveaway fun, follow Step’s socials, download the app, start the trial, and leave a review in a preferred app store. Inviting at least three friends to join Step App is another key term, entering you into a special bonus raffle for a chance to win one of three annual subscriptions designed to bump up rewards and customize in-app adventure.

The Giveaway Is Already Live – Take Your Chance!

Step App (FITFI) is riding a wave of excitement with its eye-catching monthly gains, dancing between $0.003907 and $0.012732. It’s a time of high spirits in the trading world, with the Simple Moving Averages (SMA) telling a story of success – the 10-day at $0.0074316 and the 100-day at $0.0048963 both point to a confidently climbing trend. The market’s buzzing, with the Fear & Greed Index hitting a lively 73 and half of the past month seeing green days. Adding to this positive stir, the trading volume of FITFI has impressively outpaced its market cap – a clear signal of intense market engagement and growing investor interest. This strong momentum sets the stage perfectly for Step App (FITFI), aiming high with a potential target at $0.018778. With the countdown to the end of the token’s public vesting ticking down to January 26, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation. Combine this with the high liquidity of FITFI and its team’s bold plans for 2024 and here is the recipe for an exhilarating ride for the project and its backers.

STEPN (GMT): Unboxing FSL’s Exciting MOOAR Perks

STEPN (GMT) is your fun ticket into the digital world – find Satoshi Lab’s (FSL) new MOOAR Box, shaking up the NFT scene. Think of it like the cool features from Blur and Magic Eden, where trading NFTs on MOOAR hooks you up with Bluechip NFT shards. The MOOAR Box launch, flaunting exclusive STEPN x MOOAR Genesis Sneakers and sought-after BAYC NFTs, really nails FSL’s dream of a bustling GMT ecosystem.

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Right now, STEPN (GMT) is sailing between $0.249497 and $0.316937. It’s standing strong, with supports set at $0.220203 and $0.152763, and it’s not shy about reaching for stars at $0.355083 and even a gutsy $0.422523. The market’s feeling a bit of cautious excitement, with the 10-day and 100-day SMAs hanging at $0.284414 and $0.286881, hinting at a vibrant, yet stable GMT market.

But here’s a curious twist – $2.58 million in STEPN (GMT) have been recently shifted from wallets tied to FTX and Alameda Research. It’s part of a bigger crypto shuffle that’s sprinkling a dash of mystery into the GMT market, especially given the fact that the token is still 93% off its peak.

Walken (WLKN): Riding High with ‘The Cuze’ and DEX Listing

Walken (WLKN) is making waves in the M2E world with its latest game-changer, “The Cuze”, a clever fusion of NFTs and puzzle gaming, all while keeping fitness fun. The leap onto PancakeSwap is another big stride, opening doors for more trading and community engagement. To top it off, the yearly  boasting 247,000 monthly users both indicate a period of significant momentum for WLKN – with more than 10 million tokens successfully burned and an exciting token listing, the stage is set for an eventful December ahead.

Walken (WLKN) is currently navigating between $0.00464 and $0.009168, with wider support at $0.00216 and a ceiling at $0.011072. The distant target is a promising $0.0156. The 10-day and 100-day SMAs, lounging at $0.007463 and $0.005535, respectively, hint at a potential uptick in the token’s journey.

Despite a challenging year with an 80% drop in the WLKN price, the innovative edge and the buzz from the PancakeSwap debut are fueling hopes for a comeback. For Walken (WLKN), the key to success lies in keeping its gaming community hooked and skillfully riding the rollercoaster of crypto market trends.

Final Words

Step App (FITFI), STEPN (GMT) and Walken (WLKN) are making waves in the M2E scene: FITFI is leading the pack, turning fitness into profit with its solid economy and glowing reputation; on the other side, GMT is mixing things up with its MOOAR Box, bringing a fresh twist to NFT trading; and WLKN, despite some ups and downs, is getting back in the game with its unique blend of gaming and fitness, plus a new leap onto PancakeSwap. As we head towards the December rally, these M2E stars show us that there’s always something new and exciting just around the corner in the crypto world.

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