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Former Goldman Sachs Executive Explains When He Bought XRP as an Opportunity of a Lifetime


CEO and co-founder of Real Vision Group and the former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal has disclosed his perfectly timed entry into XRP, deeming it the “opportunity of a lifetime.”

Raoul Pal’s revelation comes amid a recent live podcast with pro-XRP attorney John Deaton, where they dissect the next face of the crypto industry. Part of the highlights of the conversation was Raoul Pal’s revelation about his strategic move into the XRP market.

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XRP Opportunity of a Lifetime

Pal shared that he initially delved into XRP based on the guidance of an intelligent and thoughtful friend. He noted that the friend conveyed insights contradicting the prevailing narrative about XRP, prompting him to delve deeper. 

According to Pal, the opportune moment to enter XRP became apparent following the emergence of the SEC lawsuit against XRP. Specifically, he disclosed making his first XRP purchase during the uproar of the suit. In his words:

“When the court case came out, that’s when I bought XRP. When you see something like that, it’s like, okay, now the price has been massively discounted.”

Moreover, Pal highlighted that many individuals had exited the XRP market amid the suit. He described the situation as a lifetime opportunity. Motivated by this perspective, the investor noted he has held onto his XRP portfolio ever since.

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“Yeah, we know it’s a real thing. Half the people have been shut out of the market. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, so that’s when I bought it, and I’ve held it ever since,” explained Pal.

Bought XRP Like Solana During the Crisis

Furthermore, Pal highlighted purchasing XRP for the same reason he acquired Solana (SOL) – during a crisis when prices plummeted. He said the decision was based on recognizing a vibrant community engaged in real use cases on the blockchain. 

“It’s not kind of ghost use; it’s real use. In which case, it is time to put your capital at work, simple as that,” Pal submitted.

Deaton Agrees

Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton echoed Pal’s sentiments. He drew a parallel to his experience with Bitcoin, citing the JPMorgan chairman’s infamous remark calling Bitcoin a fraud. Deaton recalled buying more Bitcoin that day Jamie Dimon made the negative proclamation about Bitcoin. 

He reasoned that if BTC threatened someone of Jamie Dimon’s stature to that extent, there must be substance to the asset.

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