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Charles Hoskinson Is Not Leaving Cardano for Midnight


Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has openly declared that he has no intentions of abandoning the Cardano blockchain for its sidechain, Midnight.

Hoskinson issued this statement in response to a community member’s request for a straightforward answer regarding his conceivable departure.

“I want a publicly accountable yes or no. Is Charles leaving Cardano for Midnite? Or is he now multichain? This isn’t a slide into my DM question,” community member Jeff asked.

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Despite the light-hearted manner in which the question came, Hoskinson addressed it seriously.

Cardano Founder Reacts

In particular, Hoskinson unequivocally states that he is not leaving Cardano for Midnight. Furthermore, he supports his statement by highlighting that the multitude of engineers from Input Output Global who work daily on Cardano affirm the integrity of his claim.

Also, another Cardano enthusiast pointed out that the Cardano sidechain Midnight has a substantive chief executive officer, Eran Barak, appointed precisely a year ago. This commentary essentially suggests that Midnight does not have a leadership vacancy position that Hoskinson may move to occupy.

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Meanwhile, Jeff replied by providing the foundation for the question. He claimed rumors were circulating that Charles Hoskinson might request funds in the upcoming Project Catalyst and could supposedly contemplate leaving Cardano if his requests were denied.

“[I’m] glad that was cleared up,” Jeff submitted.

Tension in the Cardano community

Notably, the broader context for which this conversation surfaced concerned recent tensions in the Cardano community.

Charles Hoskinson sought public clarity from Congo, one of the founders of The Ape Society (TAS), a Cardano-based NFT project, regarding their potential departure from the blockchain.

During a recent X space discussion, Congo expressed concerns, noting signals suggesting that Cardano whales may not appreciate TAS’s presence in the ecosystem. He remarked, “It is what it is, and we will act accordingly.”

Given the ambiguity in Congo’s statement, Hoskinson demanded a “publicly accountable yes or no” on TAS’ position regarding leaving Cardano for another chain.

Congo has explained that his statement meant a switch to listen to the community. He noted they have done so, and the community has expressed satisfaction with their actions. 

Furthermore, he clarified that random individuals demanding they leave Cardano do not reflect TAS’s intentions. In essence, he emphasized that TAS is not planning to leave Cardano.

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