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Pundit Says People May Regret Selling XRP at $10 Even if It Made Them Millionaires


James Jay, the host of the Crypto4Life YouTube channel, boldly asserts that while $10 per XRP would be life-changing, those who take profit at the target could regret their action.

James expressed this sentiment during a recent podcast that featured Edoardo Farina, Head of Social Adoption at XRP Healthcare. 

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During the session, James emphasized that he agrees that XRP attaining a $10 value would be a life-changing outcome for holders. Meanwhile, he argued that sometime in the future, people will look back in hindsight and observe that the $10 target was a conservative estimate of XRP’s potential. 

Why Profiting At $10 XRP May Be a Hasty Sale

James drew inspiration from executives of Valhill Capital, who proposed that XRP’s fair value range between $9.81 and $513,000 in the coming years. He suggested that if the analysts were to be 1% right in their estimate, XRP is anticipated to attain values above $5,000.

In parallel, he cited another analogy with Ripple’s business solution for the multi-trillion dollar cross-border payment market. Notably, the global settlement market is projected to hit $250 trillion by 2027.

However, with XRP’s fixed supply of approximately 100 billion tokens, its fully diluted market cap of about $50 billion would not suffice for the liquidity demands of this vast market. 

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To effectively service even 1% of the $250 trillion market, the price per XRP would need to exceed $50. Banking on this situation, some pro-XRP pundits have argued that XRP is destined to be worth even $10,000 per token.

As a result, James Jay suggested that even if the ambitious $10,000 per XRP forecast is only 1% accurate, the cryptocurrency could reach a market value of $100. Notably, this would mark a 19,900% return from XRP’s current price of $0.5.

Sell XRP with Caution

Essentially, James emphasized that while a $10 valuation per XRP would be significant, it might only be the start of its growth trajectory. 

The community commentator stressed that by selling out one’s XRP at $10 to become a millionaire, one could miss out on the more substantial wealth that could accrue if XRP’s value climbs much higher.

Accordingly, he advised investors to consider the long-term potential of XRP and to exercise caution when deciding to cash out. In his words,

“I don’t know what’s better: to get [out at] $10 or live a life full of regrets if XRP hits $100, $1,000, or even $10,000.”

Disclaimer: This content is informational and should not be considered financial advice. The views expressed in this article may include the author's personal opinions and do not reflect The Crypto Basic’s opinion. Readers are encouraged to do thorough research before making any investment decisions. The Crypto Basic is not responsible for any financial losses.



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