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3Commas Review 2020-Best Crypto Trading Bot


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3Commas Review is so in-depth and comprehensive, informative links and videos are gathered with such detail that you even don’t have to visit 3commas official website, After reading the review you will just need the 3commas official website to complete the signup and start doing automated crypto trading

As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to mature, more and more services are being offered to a crypto trader to simplify the crypto trading process and make gains

3Commas is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to use automated trading bots and also track and copy the actions of successful crypto trader

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By smart trading option of 3commas Users can also manually concurrent take Profit and stop Loss, Sell by multiple targets and take Profit and Stop Loss trailing feature

What is a 3commas crypto trading bot?

3Commas cryptocurrency trading bot is a smart crypto trading platform that uses automated bots to do the trading for its users. You can create your trading strategy or copy other user’s trading activity on multiple exchanges.

By 3Commas cryptocurrency trading platform, you can create and then implement automated crypto trading strategies.

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3Commas does not charge a commission while trading with 3commas on cryptocurrency exchanges but there is a monthly based starter, Advance and Pro plans that you have to pay on a monthly or annual basis to use 3commas

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3Commas also offers a free 3-day trial and they have recently launched a plan that if you create a Binance exchange account with 3Commas, you can trade for free with limited functionalities.

3Commas has over a daily crypto trading volume of $ 60 million, 100,000 registered users and 20 crypto exchanges

Overall 3Commas trading bot is a platform for managing cryptocurrency trading. On 3 commas Crypto trader copy the trading activity of successful trader while others adapt their strategies based on their risk, profit or loses

Below video explain 3 commas trading bot in detail


Source YouTube: 3Сommas

3commas Pricing

In this 3commas review, we will guide you with the pricing of the bot. The 3commas has four basic plans, all are explained below

  • Starter
  • Advance
  • Pro
  • Binance Exchange Trader


The started plan is starting from 22 Dollar a month if purchased for a year and the main feature of the started plan are:

  • Trading terminal
  • Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss


The advance plan is starting from 37 Dollar a month if purchased for a year and the main feature of the advance plan are:

  • Simple bots for crypto trading
  • Short and Long algorithms for crypto trading
  • View and copy bots of successful crypto trader
  • Trading terminal
  • Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • Custom Signals of Trading-view


The Pro plan is starting from 75 Dollar a month if purchased for a year and the main feature of Pro plan are:

  • Composite bots for cryptocurrency trading
  • Bitmex, Binance Futures and ByBit bot for cryptocurrency trading
  • GRID bot for cryptocurrency trading
  • Custom Signals of Trading View
  • Simple bots for crypto trading
  • Short and Long algorithms
  • View and copy bots of successful crypto trader
  • Trading terminal
  • Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss

3commas pricing

Other than the paid plans, 3 comma bot also offers three days free trial of pro version, where you can check the all the features of pro version for free for three days

Compare Plans

3commas Pricing

3commas Pricing

3commas Pricing

3commas Pricing

Binance Exchange Trader Plan:

By Binance exchange plan you first have to create an account on 3Commas with Binance exchange to trade for free

The main features are

  • Simple bots for crypto trading
  • Short and Long algorithms for crypto trading
  • View and copy bots of successful crypto trader
  • Composite bots for cryptocurrency trading
  • Trading terminal
  • Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • Custom Signals of Trading View


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3 Commas Crypto Trading Bot Features

The main attribute and the distinctive quality of the 3commas is the automated trading, the bots trade for you while you sleep, eat, travel or do anything else

3commas  has paper trading feature that lets you test your trading techniques with a demo account before going pro

3commas lets you view Trading View Signals and Charts

3Commas Review

You can use Trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss

You can use Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss which mean that a trade closes when a indicated price is reached or trade closes when the price falls below the indicated price

20 major supported exchanges, the features of 3commas crypto trading bot change with cryptocurrency exchanges, not every exchange is supported by all features, the detail is shown in the image below

3commas supported exchanges

You can do cryptocurrency trading 24 hour a day, the crypto markets and the 3commas bot don’t sleep

You can set multiple targets to sell and buy your crypto

3commas trading bot send you important notifications through email, telegram or mobile app

3commas has mobile app on google play and apple store, 3commas is available in English and Russian language and has a fast and responsive team

3 commas provide API functionality

3commas give you simple and composite bot, simple bot can trade one cryptocurrency pair at a time while composite bot can trade on multiples pairs at one time

You can copy the trades of successful traders and earn profits

You can use 3commas long or short algorithms according to your cryptocurrency trading strategy

How to use 3commas cryptocurrency trading bot

This 3commas review will guide you about setting up your bot. It’s easy to use 3commas crypto trading bot, we will completely guide you with the help of videos to fully understand how to use 3commas so that you don’t have to go anywhere else

Create Account

First, you need to open an account with 3commas, go to 3commas website and click on the “signup” button on the right corner of the screen

how to signup on 3commas

A window as shown below will open

3Commas Review

  • Enter your email and password
  • Go to email and verify and verify your email
  • You can also signup with your Facebook account
  • By signing up you will get access to all pro features for free for three days

Signup today and get all pro features for free for three days

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Choose your  Trading Bot

The 3commas has four main types of bots

  • Simple bot
  • Composite Bot
  • DCA Bot or also known as Advance Bot
  • Grid Bot
Simple bot

A simple bot is a crypto trading bot that can only trade one pair at a time.

A video below explain how to set up a simple short bot


Source YouTube: 3Сommas

Composite bot

A composite bot can trade on multiple pairs, you get your composite bot when you are using a pro plan

A video below explain how to set up a composite bot


Source YouTube: 3Сommas


DCA bot is the crypto trading bot that uses the dollar-cost averaging strategy (DCA) there are two options in DCA bot

  • Gordon bot
  • Advance Bot
Gordon bot

Gordon bot is simple to set up, choose the crypto exchange and the currency pairs you are interested in trade

Below video fully explain How to set up the Gordon Bot


Source YouTube: 3Сommas

Advance Bot

To set up the advance bot see the video


Source YouTube: 3Сommas


Creating a Grid bot in the Al mode configure the bot according to the market situation automatically

You can create a Grid bot with just some clicks

Read this article below how to create an Al Grid bot


Connect your CryptoCurrency Exchange

After creating your bot you need to set up your exchange, by the free membership you will only be able to connect to Binance exchange, but if you have subscribed to the starter, Advance or Pro plan you can connect up to 20 exchanges, you can connect your exchange by your API Key of that crypto exchange

Connect your CryptoCurrency Exchange

select your cryptocurrency exchange, give your API key and click on connect exchange

3commas Bot Settings

The below steps shows the 3commas bot settings

Name your Bot

It is important to give your cryptocurrency trading bot unique names to avoid confusion

3Commas Review

Then give the exchange you want to trade and from bot, type select simple or composite as shown above

Select the Trading Pairs

Select the crypto trading pairs you want to trade, BTC/USDT will be shown as recommended trading pair, you can also choose from any other pair you want to trade

The recommended trading pairs are shown in the picture

3Commas Review

Set Strategy and Base order size

Now select the strategy that you want to apply, whether you want o go long or short on your trades as shown in the image below

Set Strategy and Base order size

After selecting the strategy to select your base order size, the base order size is the initial amount to start a trade

Then set your safety order size, the safety order size is the size of following averaging order

Then select your order type, market or limit

Set your Deal start condition

Now select your deal start condition

3Commas Review

You can select from

  • Trading view
  • QLF
  • RSI-7
  • ULT-7-14-28
  • Manually API
  • Trading view
  • Custom signal
  • Open new trade asap

You may select “Open new trade asap” which means open new trade as soon as possible. ASAP mean the 3 commas bot will immediately start a new trade after closing the previous one, trades one after another without a pause. The more trades the more chance of profits

Setup the take profit option

You can set up how much profit you want from a single trade, you can set a percentage of taking profit, it is recommended to set percentage profit to 0.5%, the low the percentage of the profit, the more easily the trades will be completed and the more trades you will get

3Commas Review

The exchanges fees will be included automatically in your profit percentage

You can also select your take profit type and you can turn on or off the trailing profit option

Setup your stop loss

If you are interested in a stop loses you can set up your stop losses

3Commas Review

From the stop-loss option, you can set the stop loss percentage

From the stop deal option, you can select close deal or close deal and stop bot

You can turn on and off stop-loss time out option

Set Safety orders

Safety orders as the name suggest are the orders that protect you from deep losses

Set Safety orders

In safety orders, you have five options

  • Max safety trades count: is the maximum amount of safety orders that a 3commas crypto trading bot can use for one trade
  • Max active safety trades count: means how many safety order 3commas will keep open on a crypto exchange at the same time
  • Price deviation to open safety orders: tells the 3 commas trading bot when it can start applying safety trades. Suppose it is set to 1, the 3commas bot will start buying when the price will start falling 1 percent of the initial trading price
  • Safety order volume scale: tell the bot that the volume of each next safety order will be multiplied to this value that you are going to give it
  • Safety order step scale: The volume scale will multiply a volume of each new safety order.

If you are not interested in setting up safety orders, you can give zero value to all of the options

For more details of the above terms visit


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Advance setting

3Commas Review

In advance setting, you can

  • You can instruct 3commas to not start deal if the daily volume is less than a specific amount of Bitcoin
  • At what minimum price to open a trade
  • At what maximum price to open a trade
  • How much time a bot should take to cool down between trades
  • Open deal and stops shows after how many completing trades the 3commas bot should stop

Your 3commas is all set and ready to use

3 Commas functions

In this 3commas review, we will tell you about the trading features of 3commas

Manual trading with smart trading function

Smart trading is a function that allows the 3commas users to trade on multiple exchanges from one single window

Learn all about smart trading in this video


Source Youtube: 3Сommas

Smart trading allows you to trade with many different options, the main option of the 3commas smart trading that make it unique from trading on crypto exchanges are

Trailing take profits

The Trailing Take Profit in simple is a feature to make maximum profit when the price starts rising

In trailing take profit you set your profit target where trailing will activate and trailing effect will try to increase your profits to maximum possible

But the drawback is that if the price starts reversal you can lose some portion of your profits

To Read in more detail on Trailing Take Profit visit


Learn more about trailing take profits in this video


Source YouTube: 3Сommas

Trailing stop loss

What is a Trailing Stop-Loss?

what is Trailing stop loss

How a Trailing Stop-Loss Works

How Trailing stop loss work

how Trailing stop loss work

To read more on Trailing stop loss go to


Stop-loss time out:

How to protect yourself from a stop loss if the price is not actually falling but rather it’s just a downside price volatility


Source YouTube: 3Сommas

Trading view charts and signals

You can use the trading view signals and charts to maximum, learn in the below video to how to use trading view


Source Youtube: 3Сommas

Learn more about Smart Trade

Long and short algorithms

3commas crypto trading bot can use long and short algorithms

In a long algorithm, the trading bot will buy low and sell high, for example, it will buy any coin at the price of 5 and sells it on 6

In Short algorithm the trading bot will sell high and buy low, for example, it will sell any coin at the price of 6 and buys it on 5

Copy other bots

3commas cryptocurrency trading bot can copy the performance and setting of any other bot you want on 3commas interface

Learn more about 3commas crypto trading bots


You can create, view, copy and edit portfolios on 3commas

Learn more about 3commas portfolios

3commas Social Sharing Platforms

3commas Crypto Exchanges Trading Bot

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a crypto trading bot?

A crypto trading bot is a software that is made to examine cryptocurrency trading and place buy or sell orders on behalf of a trader

Cryptocurrency trading bots are based on predefined rules that are programmed and stored in bots. Once you’ve purchased a bot, you can customize it to suit your cryptocurrency trading requirements

Why cryptocurrency trading bots are useful?

The most important use of Cryptocurrency trading bots is that the bots are not human, so being not a human they remove fear and emotion from the trading and allowing traders to trade based on their strategies

Also, the trading bot allows you to trade 24/7, even if you are a part-time trader or you have other things to do like the job, traveling, daily life routine works, etc the bot will trade on your behalf according to your define strategies without a minute pause

How to choose a crypto trading bot?

There are several factors you must consider before selecting a  bot

  • Security: What level of security a bot will provide, what security features it has
  • Profitability: It is useless to use a bot if it does not provide profitability, you must see at what ratio the bot can provide you with profits
  • Transparency: Check out the bot making team, the reputation of the bot, how the crypto community is taking about that bot
  • Ease of Use: You must see how much easy it is to set up a bot if it is too difficult, it’s not for beginners

Is 3commas safe to use?

3commas cryptocurrency trading bot is safe to use because you do not hold any funds on 3commas, you just connect your 3commas account to your cryptocurrency exchange and trade, 3commas directly cannot withdraw from your crypto exchange account

3commas is connected to your crypto exchange account with API keys, these API key have limited functionalities and does not allow any automated trading bot to withdraw from your account

Even if your account becomes compromised and hackers can take control of your API keys they still cannot withdraw your funds, but what hacker will do is that they will purchase low-value coins from your funds (hackers buy those coin that they have already purchased) and then after increasing the prices of those low-value coins they sell these coin to you leaving your account with those low-value coins

You must follow all the safety guidelines for your API keys to protect your API keys at all cost, you must use two-factor authentication and notifications from exchanges

Is 3commas for beginners?

3commas is generally very easy to set up and it suits beginners, all the help you required is given in the form of detailed videos, blogs, and step by step guides

Different features like setting up bots and connecting exchanges, copying other bots can be done by some clicks, the dashboard is easy to use and you can select your option very easily from the dashboard sidebar

On opening up every window from the dashboard there are help options that can guide you to complete your tasks

How to download 3commas trading bot?

There is no need to download 3commas, after signing in you use 3commas from your browser, all functions are available once you login to your registered account


Most crypto trading bots are difficult to use for new traders 3Commas solved these problems by creating a trading bot that is easy to set up, use and is secure.

3commas has integrated 20 exchanges top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bitmex, coinbase, and others

The dashboard is easy to navigate and users can choose several options with ease and traders even inexperience traders can trade 24/7 without watching the computer screen for long hours by copying the successful bots and strategies on 3commas

Visit 3commas

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