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Bitcoin Remains Strong Above $ 19,000-Bitcoin Cash Price Outperformed BTC And ETH-Other Altcoins Fluctuate

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple Price analysis

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Bitcoin price has the primary support at USD 19,000, with a positive outlook.

Ethereum is trading above USD 580, XRP is down 2%, and it broke a major support at USD 0.485.

Bitcoin cash performed better than others and rallied above the USD 280 resistance.

Bitcoin Price

After a minor decline, Bitcoin price remained stable above the USD 19,000 level. BTC is slowly rising, and it is currently trading above the USD 19,200 level. The bulls need to get stronger and push the price above USD 19,400 and USD 19,500 to start a new price uptrend.

Bitcoin price has mostly traded in a range above the USD 19,000 support. Immediate resistance is near the USD 19,380 level. The main hurdle is still near the USD 19,450 and USD 19,500 levels.

If the price falls, the USD 19,050 and USD 19,000 levels are decent support. A clear break below the USD 19,000 level could initiate a dip towards the USD 18,500 support level.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price is trading positively above the USD 575 and USD 580 support levels. ETH broke the USD 585 level, but it is still facing a strong resistance near the USD 595 and USD 600 levels. A successful close above USD 600 is necessary for sustained upward movement.

If the bulls fail to break $ 595, the price could drop below $ 580. The first major support is near the USD 575 level, below which the price could test the USD 565 level.

Bitcoin Cash Price

Bitcoin price analysis-Bitcoin cash price Analysis

Bitcoin cash price outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a strong upward move above the USD 275 and USD 280 resistance levels. BCH is up more than 7% and even traded near the USD 290 level. The primary resistance is at USD 295 and USD 300, above which the bulls may test the USD 320 level.

Litecoin Price

Litecoin (LTC) is consolidating above the USD 80.00 level. LTC climbed above USD 81.20 and opened the doors for a push towards the USD 83.50 and USD 84.00 levels. If there is a break above USD 84.00, the price could climb towards the USD 86.50 level. Conversely, a break below $ 80.00 can potentially increase selling pressure in the short term.

XRP Price

XRP price is down 3%, extending its decline below the USD 0.485 support level. Significant support has lined up at USD 0.475, below which the price could plunge towards the USD 0.450 support. Even more, losses could push XRP towards USD 0.425. On the upside, the USD 0.500 level is a big resistance.

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Other Altcoins Markets Today

In recent hours, a few altcoins have gained some momentum, including ZIL, ALGO, DOT, ANT, UNI, BAND, and RUNE. Of these, ZIL is up 7%, and it is trading above the USD 0.034 resistance.

In short, the Bitcoin price is stable above the USD 19,000 level. That said, BTC needs to clear the USD 19,450 and USD 19,500 resistance levels to start a substantial rise in the coming sessions.

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Albert Brown
Albert Brown
Albert Brown has obtained his master's degree in Stock Trading And Investing. His specialty is analyzing the price actions of crypto and stock markets. Albert provides a major role in TheCryptoBasic as a crypto analyst. He is also known for his work on Twinkle Magazine and TipRanks.


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