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5 Altcoin News To Follow This Week. ETH-IOTA-FIL-POLS And LIT

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Today, we entered the last week of February, 2021. Like every week, there are dozens of different altcoin news to follow. We’ve compiled five Altcoin news, which we think are the best.

For the week of February 22-28, these five altcoins are Ethereum, IOTA, Filecoin, Polkastarter and Litentry.

Ethereum (ETH)

Opening price of the week: $1,868

This week’s news: Ethereum Cat Herders will hold an event on 26 February at 17:00 UTC where EIP-1559 bill will be discussed. Developers and miners will join the panel, which will be chaired by Hudson Jameson of the Ethereum Foundation.

Why to follow: Ethereum developers will talk about what work has been done so far on EIP-1559 and what tests will be conducted in the future. The Ethereum miners will express their concerns and ask questions about EIP-1559.


Opening price of the week: $1.33

This week’s news: IOTA, Dell and Intel will hold a webinar on February 24.

Why to follow: The Alvarium project will be presented on the Webinar. The project was developed to confirm the reliability of the data and information we use in our daily lives. According to IOTA, the development of such systems can make it easier to control information such as Covid-19 vaccine distribution networks, Companies vaccines supply data, Countries importing and exporting vaccines, Exactly how many people are vaccinated around the world and other daily life matters.

Filecoin (FIL)

Opening price of the week: $42.51

This week’s News: Cryptocurrency exchange, will hold a campaign for Filecoin (FIL) on 23 February. The Syndicate Listing Event for FIL with a USD 250,000 allocation at 50% OFF.

Why to follow: The exchange is running a $250,000 campaign for FIL coin. FIL will be sold to a limited number of users at a 50% discounted price in the campaign that will start on February 23 and will continue for 24 hours. After the campaign users will be able to start trading FIL/USDT and FIL/CRO pairs on

Polkastarter (POLS)

Opening price of the week: $5.16

This week’s news: Polkastarter will host five new cryptocurrency projects in just one week.

Why to follow: This news does not directly affect Polkastarter’s token, POLS. However, Polkastarter users will be able to participate in five different IDOs (Initial Dex Offering) throughout the week. SuperFarm IDO will be held on February 22, Public Mint on February 23, Polkamarkets on February 24, Fractal on February 25, and Unido on February 26.

Litentry (LIT)

Opening price of the week: $10.24

This week’s News: Litentry is organizing a joint event with Binance, will meet its followers in Turkey on February 22 at 20:00.

Why to follow: Litentry followers in Turkey will be able to participate in the “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” event, which will be organized by Telegram, and co-organized with Binance Turkey. Event participants will be awarded prize of total $2,000. LIT team is expected to announce new project developments in the event.

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Mark Brennan
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