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Optimism, Ethereum’s Layer 2 Solution, Postponed The Launch Of The Mainnet

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Optimism, Ethereum’s Layer 2 solution, has announced that it will postpone the launch of the public main net until July 2021. The developing community needs time.

Optimism is developing “Optimistic Rollup”, which is attracting attention as a measure against the soaring gas charges on Ethereum.


Initially, Optimism said it would launch the public main net as soon as possible.

On February 25, Optimism announced the launch of the main net in March of this year.

However, with the new announcement, the launch was changed to July 2021. With a cautious approach, It was decided that it would be dangerous to enter full-scale L2 support with insufficient preparation.

Meanwhile, Synthetix, a liquidity protocol for derivatives that have already piloted Optimism, said it saved $10.1 million in a total of 103,775 transactions.

While postponing the main net, Our goal is to give the underlying PROJECT and infrastructure providers, block explorers, wallets, TOKEN bridges, and more time to integrate, audit, and test. The team Said.

Uniswap, a major decentralized exchange (DEX), announced the introduction of “Optimistic Rollup” in its V3 white paper released on the 24th of this month.

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Read More Details On Optimism Medium:

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