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Tech Token Network Targets Best Source Exchanges for Token Listing

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  • Tech token network decides to list its native token on Coinsbit exchange on 10th May
  • Coinsbit is a centralized exchange, launched in 2018 with more than 2 Million users worldwide.
  • TCN holders can trade their tokens with 3 basic trading pairs- BTC, TRX, and USDT.
  • The experts predict TCN token price to hit $1 after listing on Coinsbit exchange.

We have some great news for you! The Coinsbit exchange is breaking the headlines with its latest partnership with Tech token network. The company releases an official statement to list TCN tokens on its platform by 10th May offering 3 basic trading pairs to initiate investment.

Their new venture together with tie-up will drive in more profits, better rates, and faster transactions for users. We find it symbolic how this partnership encourages us to get TCN token listed on other 7 exchange platforms.

We chose the right for our clients, as TCN holders can easily and comfortably trade with the following pairs. Coinsbit makes these pairs available for trading after token listing:

  1. TCN / BTC;
  2. TCN /USDT;
  3. TCN / TRX.

Our coin will be available at the Coinsbit exchange on May 10, 2021.

We have analyzed a leading exchange platform that is known for its services, security, and ease of use. By accomplishing this partnership, we can enlarge and spread our service and provident protocols.

Additionally, it will be a win-win situation for both the firms TCN and Coinsbit as it will receive many traders and more liquidity. Looking at the constantly rising demand for cryptocurrency on a global scale, tie-ups like these are more crucial.

“Talking over the standard measures and tie-up terms to finalize our partnership, I am confident that our professional team with experts, experienced specialists will show even bigger potential. We intend to provide users global and a premier service” – says the CEO of TCN.

No TCN holders have to face complicated interfaces, high fees, or any other off-putting attributes to choose the platform. We have things all sorted.

“I believe this collaboration is a great honour for our tech token network project and this decision will surely help us offer the best quality service to our customers around the crypto space. Indeed, this partnership will raise our presence in the crypto market. Moreover, this alliance gives us courage in what we do, along with credible responsibility to gain a strong user experience. We are all set for the next challenge!”- says the Founder of the Tech token network.

For listing TCN tokens, we are looking for platforms having a high community base, innovations to cryptocurrency, or an endowment to various applications and technology. Moreover, listing any coin/token should provide you good exposure in terms of global trading.

Also, a platform should restrict listing coins in terms to serve a primary purpose like illegal gambling or drug sales, or any of the prohibited that counts under jurisdiction. The destined platform should offer no or less compliance fee for listing.

Our staff and research team have streamlined few significant standards to determine suitability while listing tokens on crypto exchanges. One such choice is Coinsbit. This platform meets our standard necessity required to fulfil token listing.

The experts predict the TCN token price to hit $1 right after listing on Coinsbit exchange. Also, the TCN token will reach $5 in the next 6 months, $7 by the year 2025 year- according to the prediction made in an AMA session.

TCN Chose Coinsbit for Token Listing

The official platform claims to be the largest digital exchange in terms of reliability. This platform currently occupies the position in the top ranking of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

We have analyzed how can we attain our peak goals and which is the best way to provide our service. There are many traders that appreciate our convenience and reliability provided on our platform. We have researched and set our criteria to list TCN tokens on trusted crypto exchange and Coinsbit is the best fit.

  1. The exchange can process the transaction up to 10,000 trades per second and 1,000,000 TCP connections.
  2. User protection- The exchange platform offers the best security measures for storing assets in cold wallets; makes you feel comfortable and safe using the latest firewall system.
  3. Now, traders can trade cryptocurrency quickly and safely using the OTC feature. This method ensures your trading with no worries of rate fluctuations and offers maximum confidentiality.
  4. Any token holders can purchase goods with cryptocurrency from anywhere, collecting best offers according to your convenience.
  5. This exchange platform is simple and reliable.
  6. Coinsbit offers a staking pool where you can earn by investing free coins and make tons of profit.
  7. Any user can create the unique codes and convey the coins to any user, the good news is there is no commission and no confirmations, the process is instant and secure.
  8. No worries about the currency storage, more than 90% of coins are stored in cold wallets.
  9. Also, the exchange has activated a Web Application Firewall for security purpose that detects and blocks external attacks.
  10. The new feature is recently added to this platform- the P2P lending platform. The user can get or take loans at Coinsbit
  11. TCN traders can invest their tokens with only a0.2% trading fee which seems affordable as compared to exchanges out there.

I hope these many advantages are sufficient to decide on listing your tokens. We counted on the above-mentioned measures to list TCN tokens and this is almost the basic necessity of any firm to consider.

Our main motive is “Happy Token Holders”. Our token holders are looking ahead to see TCN project available on the best, reputable, qualified, and innovative crypto exchanges. They expect us to interact with millions of traders with worldwide availability. This is how we together work to succeed.

Partnership Between TCN and Coinsbit

The partnership between TCN and Coinsbit is a great success. We are not just willing to list our project, instead, we intend to help promote our project with regards to long-term and sustainable growth. We are looking ahead to boost up with:

  • Email blasts
  • Trading competitions
  • Bounty and promotional videos
  • Twitter and Facebook announcements
  • Featured newsletter
  • Social Media posts

The user holding TCN tokens can trade their coins on the Coinsbit platform with 0.2% trading fees and the following deposit/withdrawal fee structure:

  1. TCN/BTC– Deposit: 0 BTC | Minimum Deposit: 0.00001 BTC

Withdrawal: 0.0005 BTC | Minimum Withdrawal: 0.001 BTC

  1. TCN/TRX– Deposit: Free | Minimum Deposit: 1 TRX

Withdrawal: 1 TRX | Minimum Withdrawal: 2 TRX

  1. TCN/USDT– Deposit: Free | Minimum Deposit: 0 USDT

Withdrawal: 1 USDT | Minimum Withdrawal: 2 USDT

Our company intends to be a market leader in terms of security and customer satisfaction, accordingly collecting the partners with similar facilitating features. We will soon crack headlines as the best service provider and top platform with highly credible customer satisfaction.

We are way ahead to hit our goals! We would like to hear from you about this article. How was the read? Text us the next exchange platform to list our TCN tokens in the comment section below.

You can join our social media platforms and keep an eye on the official platform. The links to the sources are Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Tech token network.

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