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Tezos Ecosystem Launches Six Community Grant Programs


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All Tezos (XTZ), enthusiasts from all over the world are welcome to apply for grant programs.

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Tezos has seen significant growth in 2021, and it will be able to achieve even more through this move. Grants are awarded to regions that have varying levels or funding eligibility.

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Six new large-scale grants have been announced by the Tezos Foundation for community-centric support programs.

From Germany to Africa: Developers around the globe are invited by the Tezos Foundation.

These new programs reflect the growing interest in decentralized applications on Tezos, (XTZ). According to the foundation, activity on Tezos (XTZ), has increased by 1200 percent over the past twelve months.

Tezos Commons grants up to US$ 10,000 for projects at the early stages of development in North America. TZ APAC will focus on the Asia Pacific region, with minimal funding for grassroots teams.

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Tezos India will offer a scholarship in addition to consulting and funding. The eight-week mentoring program will offer a US $2,000 scholarship to participants.

Below are details about the different Tezos programs.

TZ APAC will provide small development grants for new ideas. It is the largest organization in Asia that supports the Tezos ecosystem.

Visit: TZ APAC

Tezos Commons is an organization that empowers local communities and will provide community grants up to US$ 10,000 to its members in North America. Its primary focus is to support builders within the Tezos ecosystem.

Visit: Tezos Commons

Tezos India will be partnering with TZ APAC to provide development grants programs. It will expand on the existing Tezos scholarship.

Visit: Tezos India

Tezos Israel, an innovation lab that serves the country in education and training as well as implementation of blockchain technology. It aims at funding developers and students who are interested in building dApps.

Visit: Tezos Israel

Tezos Africa will provide grants to help local projects address African challenges.

Visit: Tezos Africa

TZ Connect, a Berlin-based company, is developing the Tezos ecosystem.

Visit: TZ Connect


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