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A Year Ago Here’s How Much $1,000 Invested in Shiba, Solana, or Doge Would Be Worth Now


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The cryptocurrency market is famous for its volatility that can sometimes play highly nice for traders and sometimes against them. But the past year has been nothing but a spike for the crypto industry, leading to insanely huge investment profits on small altcoins like Shiba.

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Shiba Inu (SHIBA):

Shiba was the currency of October because of a 1000 percent increase in its price when it reached its highest on the 29th of October. According to the Watcher Guru, the $1,000 invested in SHIBA is now worth a staggering $756 million.

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In the past year, the SHIB was approximately $0.000000000072; even the most minor investment of 1 dollar could have given someone one million dollars of profit.


Dogecoin (Doge):

Shiba’s most closely related coin and rival that has been around since 2013 and through several bear and bull cycles with various outcomes is Dogecoin.

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If one had invested just $1,000 in DOGE just a year ago, It would be worth more than $92,000. Such a return is nowhere near SHIB’s performance but still pretty excellent compared to the gains on stock trading.


Solana (SOL):

Memcoins tend to be driven by social and community sentiments but, in the case of Solana, technology, use cases, and proper structural growth are the main motivations behind the 13600% annual return on the investment. A sum of $1000 invested in Solana one year ago would now be approximately $130,000.

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