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Cardano Founder, Charles Hoskinson Reveals Three Main Aspects Cardano Plans to Focus On Throughout the Year


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Charles Hoskinson Reveals Three Main Aspects Cardano Plans to Focus On as the time progress.

Popular blockchain project Cardano is not looking to slow down on its constant development of the network

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In a recent interview with popular YouTuber Marco Monty Montemagno, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson disclosed three significant aspects the project team intends to focus on throughout the year. 

According to Hoskinson, Cardano’s three main focuses in 2022 would be centered on commercial comparability and network sustainability, as well as the self-determination of its entire blockchain. 

Cardano’s Main Focus for the Year

On the aspect of commercial comparability, Hoskinson said Cardano has been consistent in building relevant upgrades since its inception. This constant development has helped the project know what upgrade would give a competitive edge to compete with rival networks like Solana and Ethereum. 

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“With the right upgrade, we will not only get the correctness and the resilience of the network, but we will also get the best of what competitors are bringing to bear,” Hoskinson was quoted as saying. 

Hoskinson noted that so far, previous upgrades like Hydra have helped improve the expressiveness and scalability of Cardano on all fronts. 

He disclosed that many new features, including side-chains, will be rolled out between June and October this year, a period Hoskinson believes will be the most significant for Cardano. 

The team will also be more focused on the sustainability of Cardano, which will allow the network to become more efficient, scalable and also grow at an organic pace, Hoskison said. 

Focusing on the sustainability of Cardano, according to Hoskinson, would further enhance user experience and not diminish it while referring to the high gas fees currently being experienced by Ethereum users.  

For the Cardano boss, self-determination is the last aspect the team wants to focus on throughout the year.   

With self-determination, Hoskinson said the entire system, including holders of Cardano, can decide the roadmap and future of the blockchain. 

“Once you have a solid governance system, you will have the wisdom of millions instead of a few. No matter how smart I am, I am not smarter than a million people. We’ll harness the wisdom of Cardano enthusiasts,” Hoskison added. 

He added that the Cardano treasury system would come in handy this year, as the network plans to provide developers funding. 

Getting Cardano’s self-determination and self-funding is imperative in helping Cardano win and to increase its community beyond its current three million supporters. 

Cardano (ADA) Tipped to Surge 

While ADA, Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, has not met investors’ expectations, the cryptocurrency is tipped to become one of the biggest digital currencies this year

Investors seem prepared for the inevitable rally in Cardano as there has been a massive adoption of cryptocurrency in recent times. 

As reported, addresses held between 100,000 and 1 million Cardano accumulated a whopping 16 million ADA in 24 hours. 


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