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The NFT of MetaToys is going to be sold | Let’s explore the white paper highlights together


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With the arrival of the web 3.0 era, more and more Metaverse and Gamefi projects are emerging in the market, and people’s attention is gradually shifting from the initial profitability to both gameplay, financial and social aspects. At this point, the MOBIUS GAME team has taken the first step into the Metaverse by launching their first Metaverse project MetaToys.

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About MetaToys

MetaToys is a trendy Metaverse centered on Gamefi and Socialfi, which provides users with a brand-new life experience. In the world of MetaToys, users can enjoy a long-term, stable social life experience as well as a rich and extremely playable game experience.

To learn more about the project, please visit https://www.metatoys.game/#/home/index

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The highlights of MetaToys:

Highlight 1: Rich game play and experience

MetaToys currently has four creative and fun sub-worlds and the number is constantly expanding.Intense PVP ladder matches, fun PVE catapult competition gameplay, and rich game scenarios will give players an immersive experience and improve the ability to earn great money from it.

Highlight 2: The economic system of MetaToys

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Unlike other Gamefi projects with two different tokens, MetaToys is a multi-coin economic system, the value of its governance tokens is supported by the output contribution of each independent game within the ecology, so the value will be more stable. At the same time, the economic system of each different game world exists relatively independently and form the entire economic system with the governance tokens.

MetaToys has a broader project base to take on the needs of users, and the different play styles provide more choices for users with different needs, so the whole community’s economic system has been enhanced and expanded.

Highlight 3: Social and Construction Play

In MetaToys, the construction of the Land is based on the input of resources to increase the prosperity of the Land, which means that the efficiency of resource output will become higher, and the owners of the Land will have more and more gains and benefits in their social and game play.

The construction of Land also includes constructing and decorating buildings, and visiting others.

Highlight 4: Genesis NFT rights and DAO community

The holders of MetaToys Genesis NFT can enjoy all the game participation rights of the subsequent projects, and will be more efficient in obtaining governance tokens. The shared governance program will be one of the key development directions later. And with the development of the game community, each of them may have a relatively independent sub-DAO and manage the ecology together.

Highlight 5: Both technology and product have actual endorsements

MetaToys has done full preparation in the project development stage. Unlike other empty projects, MetaToys currently has 4 creative and fun sub-worlds, and the number of sub-worlds is expanding as well. The users will be allowed to join in and develop their own games and NFT images, and building MetaToys worlds with others.

Link to MetaToys’ white paper:https://metatoys.gitbook.io/original/

Link to MetaToys’ Discord community:https://discord.gg/QpyYYKDn4z

Link to Metatoys’ Telegram community:https://t.me/MetatoysFunStation

Link to the official MetaToys Twitter:https://twitter.com/MetatoysFun


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