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Commerce Platform Shopware Integrates Floki Inu As A Payment Method


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World’s Leading E-Commerce Solution Provider, Shopware Partners With NOWPayments to Integrate Floki Inu (FLOKI) to Its Payment Gateway.

The mainstream adoption of Floki Inu (FLOKI) accelerated as Shopware integrated FLOKI into its commerce platform via NOWPayments.

On July 4th (Monday), NOWPayments announced via tweet that merchants can now use Shopware to accept Floki Inu as a payment method.

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This becomes possible as the world’s most trusted e-commerce solution provider, Shopware partnered with NOWPayments and integrated Floki Inu as a payment method on its platform.

In order to accept FLOKI on Shopware via NOWPayments, merchants simply have to sign up to NOWPayments account by adding a crypto wallet address and generating API Keys. Afterward, merchants would have to install the Shopware plugin and configure it while entering already generated NOWPayments API keys and the IPN URL. Following this, merchants must select “NOW Payments” as a default payment method by going to the “Sales” option on the main dashboard.

Shopware currently supports over 100 cryptocurrencies with a fiat autoconversion feature available. Over 100K brands put trust in the platform and use it as their trusted payment gateway to send and receive free-of-cost borderless payments. The e-commerce solution provider reportedly has recently received $100 million in funding from PayPal and Carlyle.

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