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Peter Brandt Smashes Binance CEO, CZ Responds “Take It Easy Peter”


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There was a short Twitter spat between top crypto trader Peter Brandt and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

There’s never a shortage of drama in the crypto space. If it’s not the self-proclaimed “Satoshi,” Craig Wright, suing people, it’s traders and investors engaging top CEOs and developers. This time around, it’s an exchange between Peter Brandt, a well-known stock, forex, shares, crypto trader for the last 30 years, and CZ, the Binance CEO.

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How It Started

It all started when CZ tweeted, “dishonesty is a fast way to lose trust.” Basically, this could be taken as meaning that people who are often dishonest end up becoming untrustworthy as victims sooner or later realize that they are being used by someone for their personal interests.


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Interestingly, some people in the crypto industry have often accused Binance exchange and its CEO of being dishonest. A few weeks ago, trader Peter Brandt accused Binance of covering up cases where customer orders were filed wrongly.

Peter Fires A Salvo

Following CZ’s tweet, Peter Brandt decided to go all out and fire a shot at him.

He replied: “No doubt you have learned that from experience.” Peter indicates that CZ has been dishonest, and now, from his experiences, he has learned that dishonest people lose the trust of others.

Peter’s reply to CZ’s tweet was a direct reference to the afore-mentioned accusations that he leveled against the exchange and CZ earlier on.

CZ was quick to shoot back, but in a humble way, saying:

“Best learning is from other people’s experiences.” He went on to urge the trader to “take it easy, Peter.”


The community and followers are still waiting to see whether Peter will respond and whether the engagement could turn into something more heated or rational. 

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