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Cardano Founder Takes A Jibe At Vitalik Buterin, Responds To 5-Year-Old Tweet From Ethereum Founder


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Hoskinson takes a jibe at Buterin.

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson caused quite a stir on Twitter yesterday by responding to a 5-year-old tweet from Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin with a GIF showing a puzzled look.

Notably, in the initial tweets, dated June 4, 2017, Buterin asserts that Ethereum would have migrated to Proof-of-Stake in 5 years and that the Ethereum Casper Protocol could withstand infrequent 51% node attacks, explaining that the network would burn the holdings of attackers instead of capping off the stakes on a single exchange to 15%.

While it is unclear what exactly Hoskinson is poking a hole in, there are two plausible answers. The first is that Hoskinson may be pointing at the fact that it has been more than five years, and Ethereum is still yet to migrate to Proof-of-Stake. The second is that he may be raising concerns about Ethereum’s decentralization.

At the moment, some Cardano faithful have rallied under the tweet to have a good laugh. Others have noted that the Tweet seems uncharacteristic of the Cardano founder, while others remain perplexed at what the Input Output Global chief is pointing at.

It is worth noting that both crypto founders have a rocky past. Hoskinson, among the original eight founders of Ethereum, left the project only a few months after, following a reported disagreement on the direction of the network. Notably, both founders are known to often take digs at each other.

Moreover, both projects, Cardano and Ethereum, are programmable blockchains in competition with one another, with Cardano sometimes dubbed an “Ethereum killer.” Notably, both are on the cusp of significant milestones in their roadmap. For example, Ethereum is finally about to migrate to PoS, while Cardano is about to enter into the Basho phase with the Vasil hard fork.

It is worth noting that both networks expect to achieve both milestones just weeks from now, with a tentative date of September 15 set for the Ethereum Merge that will see it migrate to PoS.

At the time of writing, Ethereum remains the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, with $200 billion, while Cardano remains 8th with $15.5 billion.

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