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Over 100 Developers Working On XRP Ledger According To Senior Developer


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Wind says over 100 developers are working on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

In a tweet, senior XRPL Labs developer Wietse Wind disclosed that over 100 developers are working on the XRPL and XRPL-related projects.

The comments came as members of the XRP community questioned why Token Terminal omitted the XRPL in its ranking of crypto projects by active developer count. Ethereum, Cosmos, and Cardano led the rankings with 181, 147, and 141 developers, respectively.

While a user speculated that it was because active contributors to XRPL-related GitHub repositories totaled 15, Wind debunked this, sharing other repositories saying the XRPL had “at least 100 more” active developers.

Notably, it would put the XRPL within the top 6 in Token Terminal’s ranking.

It bears mentioning there is a flurry of development activity on the XRPL from XRP on/off-ramps to a native Automated Market Maker to an EVM-compatible sidechain.

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On its current trajectory, the XRPL is set to become a strong Ethereum competitor offering scalability perks. Recall that native NFT functionality went live on the network at the end of October. So far, Bithomp data shows that users have minted over 680k NFTs. 

Despite these developments, other industry participants remain critical of the network. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently slammed XRP allegedly having no “technical value.”

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