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Shiba Inu Game Shiba Eternity Receives Third Major Upgrade


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So far, developers have updated the game every month since its launch.

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Shiba Inu’s card collection game Shiba Eternity has received yet another update.

Mazrael, a member of the games team, took to Twitter yesterday to share the changelogs, which were also posted on the Shiba Eternity Discord. Per the changelogs, the game received at least 14 key fixes. The changes promise to improve the gaming experience by ensuring that key features function properly.

Notably, it is the third major upgrade the game has received since its launch, following upgrades in November and December last year. The last update featured 10 notable changes geared towards preventing in-game exploits and improving the gaming experience.

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The game launched globally last October in the Apple and Google app stores. So far, it has over 100k downloads on the Google Play Store, maintaining a 4.8-star rating on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

To continue to please users, the team has created at least three feedback channels on Discord. The first is “new card ideas,” which allows users to create posts suggesting new cards that developers can include in future game versions. The other channels allow users to submit bug reports and general game feedback, which could also inform future updates.

Notably, developers are working on a blockchain version of the game. However, it will likely launch after Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s Layer 2 solution.

As reported in October, holders of The Shiboshis NFTs will be able to lease their NFTs to players of the blockchain game to earn rewards. According to messages from lead Shiba Inu developer Shytoshi Kusama, all of these will run on Shibarium.

While there is no clear timeline for the Shibarium launch, developers have continued to tease a near launch of the beta version of the protocol. Most recently, Kusama stoked the flames of speculation as he added Shibarium to his Twitter bio and launched a dedicated Telegram channel for Shibarium updates.

As reported, proponents are excited as the protocol promises to burn SHIB with every transaction.

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