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MetaMask Gives Extension Users Greater Control Over Privacy and Security


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Metamask follows up criticism over privacy policy updates with greater user control of data and security for extension users.

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MetaMask, a popular Ethereum non-custodial wallet developed by ConsenSys, has released an update for Metamask extension users offering greater control over data and security.

The go-to wallet for Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible chains revealed this in a Twitter thread today. It asserts that it wants to be the torch bearer for privacy, security, and transparency among crypto wallets.

Consequently, per the thread, Metamask will be offering users of its browser extension wallet a new experience in wallet creation and privacy and security settings.

“We have updated the MetaMask extension to maximize the control you have over your data,” the team asserts.

For one, the crypto wallet service discloses that when creating wallets, users can utilize the “Set advanced privacy settings” to change the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider, toggle features that send requests to third-party services for phishing detection, and more. After wallet creation, MetaMask says users can find these settings in the “Security and Privacy Settings.” Similarly, existing wallet users can find these new options in “Security and Privacy Settings” and can change them as they wish.

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Notably, the latest update comes about two months after an update to its privacy settings attracted a lot of flak on crypto Twitter. Per the updated settings, it would collect user IP and Ethereum addresses when they send a transaction using Infura, the default RPC. Unsurprisingly, it sparked outrage within the privacy-loving crypto community.

The backlash caused MetaMask developers ConsenSys to release a statement clarifying that it will store the data in a way that they can not be linked. Additionally, it states that this data will be deleted after a week, arguing that the data collection is necessary to ensure successful transaction processing. Furthermore, it urged users to opt for other RPCs if unsatisfied or host private nodes, noting that these also come with unique risks.

It bears mentioning that MetaMask is the most popular Ethereum wallet, with over 30 million monthly users. Last year ConsenSys chief Joseph Lubin hinted at the launch of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for MetaMask.

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