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Leading XRP Ledger Explorer Bithomp Makes XRP Faucets Refillable


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It is likely to encourage XRP Ledger development activity.

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Bithomp has made it possible for users of its XRP faucets to refill their balances at any point.

The leading XRP Ledger explorer made this known in a tweet on Wednesday, thanking pseudonymous XRP validator Vet for the idea. Notably, the validator responding to the development wished the XRPL a happy Valentine’s day.

For context, XRP faucets are testnets that allow users to test changes to the XRPL without using real funds. The Bithomp faucets include a Hooks v2 faucet, an XLS-20 faucet, and a faucet for the proposed native automated market maker (AMM). Consequently, users can test hooks for smart contracts, XRPL native NFTs, and the proposed XRPL AMM using the Bithomp faucets.

The latest move comes amidst increased XRPL development efforts. As reported, the network has seen a surge in development activity in the past year as developers are working on several Xumm wallet and native XRPL projects.

On the XRPL, developers have revealed that they are working on a lighter-weight NFT standard for the network. In addition, they have also released a proposal to allow issued tokens to leverage negotiable payment options formerly restricted to XRP alone. Meanwhile, testing is ongoing for an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible sidechain and the proposed protocol native AMM.

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Xumm Profiles, one of the latest features released by developers for Xumm Pro users, is already gaining traction, with 145 users per a Twitter post from the team on Monday. Notably, it is currently only available to beta users. It is a feature that allows users to create verifiable profiles for easier and more secure transactions. Developers announced the optional feature less than a month ago.

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