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Ripple and Binance Move 134M XRP as Whales Shuffle 230M Tokens


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364 million XRP tokens have been moved in five whale transactions in the past 24 hours.

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Ripple and Binance just moved over 134 million XRP tokens in two separate unrelated transactions, with Ripple sending 100 million tokens to an unidentified wallet and Binance transferring 34 million. Amid these movements, whales have shuffled 230 million tokens in the past 24 hours.

Binance and Ripple Movements

The Binance transaction was the earliest of the bunch, having occurred yesterday at 09:03 (UTC), as highlighted by Whale Alert. The exchange transferred the tokens worth $12.3 million to an unidentified wallet address, per data from Bithomp.


Over 10 hours later, Ripple transferred 100 million XRP valued at $36.9 million to an unknown wallet in a separate unrelated transaction. The tokens were part of the 1 billion XRP the Silicon Valley company unlocked from escrow on March 1. It is presumed that the transfer was intended for financing the company’s internal operations or for ODL purposes.

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Ripple has a pattern of periodically transferring batches of 100 million XRP tokens in this manner. The company recently executed these transfers on Feb. 21, Jan. 17, and Jan. 8. Similarly, Binance has also been noticed to perform such sizable XRP transactions, moving over 94 million tokens two months ago.

Other Whale Movements

Besides the recent Binance and Ripple transactions, XRP whales shuffled 230 million tokens in three transactions within three hours. The largest transaction saw the movement of 144 million XRP ($53.5 million) between two unknown addresses yesterday at 20:35 (UTC).


The recipient wallet immediately started offloading the assets in batches of millions to several addresses. One such transaction was the transfer of 45 million XRP to a Bitstamp address yesterday at 22:57 (UTC).

Shortly after that, Whale Alert highlighted an in-house transfer between two Bitso wallets which saw the movement of 41.6 million XRP ($15.4 million).


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