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Shiba Inu: Long-Awaited Shibarium Documentation Goes Live


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Shibarium Documentation Goes Live With New Discord, More Surprises To Come?

Documentation detailing how Shibarium, the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s Ethereum Layer 2 solution works and how it was built is now accessible to the public.

Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama was the first to disclose this in a Telegram message to the community yesterday. In separate messages, he noted that it took the team a lot of effort to produce the documentation, asserting they had many 16-hour work days this week.

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According to the developer, there would be edits to correct any observed typos and omissions, particularly to add that the Unification Foundation provided the oracle used. 

“The docs are ever evolving, guys and gals,” the developer surmised.

Meanwhile, Kusama has teased that developers have more surprises in store for the community. Detailing the next steps, the developer said there would be further tests and iterations of the testnet. The team would also work to send out individual responses to the over 5,000 responses received on the Shibarium intake form. However, Kusama says there would be “one more announcement” before the latter happens.

Amid all these, the team has launched a new Discord server

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Since the docs went live, Ringoshi Toitsu, a Unification validator, and the official Shiba Inu Twitter account have shared the update on Twitter.

As last reported, a Shiba Inu Telegram group admin had disclosed that the docs were ready with developers going over the fine details with Kaal Dhairya, a lead developer on the project. Notably, the docs were initially slated to launch a week after the Shibarium beta network went live.

Meanwhile, as The Crypto Basic reported yesterday, developers have changed the Shibarium testnet chain ID in response to debunked claims that the code was a clone of the Rinia network.

Per the released documentation, the cost per transaction on Shibarium is touted as being 10,000 times cheaper than Ethereum. Notably, fees on the network are split into base and priority fees. The priority fee is sent to validators, 70% of the base is automatically used to buy back and burn SHIB, and 30% is set aside to maintain the network. This calculation could be changed in the future as the network evolves.

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