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Shiba Inu Lead Launches Fund to Empower Female Creators on Shibarium 


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Following massive contributions from several parties, the fund has now raised a whopping $50,000 to provide support for women in blockchain.

Shytoshi Kusama, the community-appointed Shiba Inu lead, recently launched a fund dedicated to the empowerment of women in blockchain, as well as female creators on the layer-2 network Shibarium.

The development was uncovered in an exclusive piece from the prominent American business magazine Forbes. Charlie Fink, a Forbes contributor, disclosed that he had spoken with Marcie Jastrow – Shiba Inu’s Metaverse Advisor – and Shytoshi Kusama at the third annual International Women of Blockchain (IWB) conference in Washington, DC.

According to the article, Kusama launched a fund aimed at providing support for women in blockchain. He started the fund with a personal contribution of $25,000. NFA Labs jumped on the initiative, pledging $10,000 to support the campaign. Moreover, individuals such as Lisa Watts, Sherri Cuono and Jastrow also poured in their own contributions.

Responding to the Forbes report, Kusama acknowledged that the fund was specifically created for the International Women of Blockchain event as a way to bolster female participation in blockchain and the building of female-led projects on Shibarium.


He further disclosed that the fund has now raised $50,000 following a $10,000 contribution from Unification, the blockchain platform whose team is behind Shibarium. 


In response, the Unification team expressed their pride in supporting the ecosystem through several avenues, including the provision of decentralized tools and the financing of important initiatives such as the international women in blockchain.


“Women are powerful influencers in the decentralized community as well as leaders on Shib branded projects. At SHIB we have a woman’s led group called #shibwomen and we are trying to grow this part of the community through mentorship, positive influence and inclusiveness,” Jastrow remarked.

Kusama also discussed the recent Shibarium FUD with Fink, further dispelling the previous rumors that the Shibarium testnet was a Rinia fork. With the resolution of the situation and the release of the Shibarium documentation, the community remains on track to eventually welcome Shibarium once it launches on the mainnet.

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