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Terra Rebels Launches Funding Feature for LUNC Community Pool


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Terra Rebels Launches Convenient Donate Feature for LUNC Community Fund on Rebel Station.

Terra Rebels, an independent Terra Classic development group, has launched a donate feature on its Terra Station alternative, Rebel Station, a community-driven platform that empowers Terra ecosystem users to support the LUNC crypto community pool. The platform has made it easy for users to fund the community pool, which helps to drive development, adoption, and awareness of the LUNC cryptocurrency.

In a tweet on Thursday, the platform posed a question and offered a solution: “Looking to help fund the LUNC community pool?” Well, look no further cause Rebel Station makes it easy!” The fund, managed by the Terra Rebels, provides financial resources to developers, projects, and initiatives to improve the LUNA ecosystem.


Making Contributions Becomes Easy

Rebel Station, a wallet platform, has made it easy for its users to fund the community pool by integrating a fund feature directly into its platform. Users can visit station.terrarebels.net and navigate to the fund page to contribute.

Positive Responses from LUNC Community

“Alright, I’m not gonna lie, this is freaking amazing,” reXx said in response to the announcement.


“Thanks for the convenience; donate to the fund or burn #Lunc now more convenient than ever,” added another.

In addition to the fund feature, Terra Rebels aims to offer various tools and services on the Rebel station, including a decentralized exchange, a wallet, and staking services.

Recently Terra Rebels added a price conversion feature for LUNC to USD for both wallet and stake pages.

Rebels also added LUNC Defi project Terraport’s newly launched token to the station.

Previously As reported by The Crypto Basic, Terra Rebels announced that Rebel Station is now in the pre-production phase and operating fully independent of Terraform Labs’ infrastructure.

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