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Shiba Inu to Partner with Legendary Musician Scott Page


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The details of the Shiba Inu partnership remain a mystery as of press time, but speculations of an NFT collaboration have emerged.

The Shiba Inu ecosystem and PawZone will be partnering with legendary American musician Scott Page aimed at launching a range of undisclosed NFT-based projects in the foreseeable future.

JD, a prominent Shiba Inu community member and founder of PawZone, recently shared the disclosure from Page in a video clip. In the 30-second clip, Page is observed gleefully addressing JD and the Shiba Inu community on a forthcoming collaboration with the SHIB ecosystem and PawZone.

“…We are going to be working together on the best NFT platform on Shiba Inu. Just wait”


Speaking at a recent space exploration event, the 69-year-old musician revealed his anticipation for future collaborations with JD, despite the latter’s absence. ShibaZam, a prominent member of the SHIB community, was present at the event and confirmed that the PawZone team and Scott Page would be collaborating on an upcoming NFT project.

Following the disclosure, remarks suggesting that the shoutout was a paid advertisement emerged. To clarify these speculations, JD confirmed that Page was not paid a dime, emphasizing that they have talked with the legendary musician about future collaborations.


ShibaZam further echoed this confirmation, noting that education, community, and growth were the major motivations for Page and not money.


The full nature of the future partnership remains a mystery as of press time, but speculations of an NFT collaboration have emerged. The PawZone ecosystem features Pawzaar, a native NFT marketplace on Shibarium looking to host unique collections on the network. The marketplace also teased a forthcoming partnership with famous sculptor Jack Storms.

Scott Page’s Interest in Shiba Inu

Scott Page’s fascination with Web3 technology led him to create an innovative art platform called Think:NFT. ShibaZam revealed that PawZone would be collaborating with Page’s platform in an integration expected to surpass the prominence of OpenSea, one of the world’s largest NFT marketplaces.


ShibaZam’s disclosures came up in a chronicle of his experience at the space exploration event, featuring Page, who showed a sincere interest in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. In one of the clips, the musician was seen making payments in Shiba Inu.

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