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This New Meme Coin Can Deliver Better ROI Than FLOKI Inu, Crypto Veteran Explains Why


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Almost every crypto enthusiast knows the story of Floki Inu and all the buzz it generated when it burst into the crypto market and blew us all away in 2021. Some veterans, like prophets, hinted about how Floki was going to turn heads and fill pockets with money. And didn’t it all happen right before our eyes?

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One veteran is in the news again as he’s been having a lot of good things to say about a new player in town that’s on the cusp of storming the market and making it rain some cool cash in 2023.

Many investors are already following the lead of this veteran’s experience. In this article, we’re going to explore the $ANA token and try to find out why exactly this veteran is convinced the new token would do better than Floki Inu this year.

Let’s jump right into it!

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Floki Inu Fast Losing its Ground

Timing is everything when it comes to investing! You’ve got to have that special sixth sense to know when to jump in and when to gracefully exit the dance floor.

The hype around Floki Inu has waned, and its profit potentials have hit the climax. Let’s face it–one strategy that works for veterans and even smart crypto enthusiasts is: they are always on the lookout for new and hidden gems in their early stages. They then jump in before these promising projects take off to the moon and leave everyone else behind.

Floki Inu became a big name after Elon Musk announced ‘Floki’ as the name of his dog in June of 2021. Some experts who saw its potential trusted their guts and went ahead to buy the Floki token in its early stages when it sold at about 0.000004. By September, the coin had started yielding profits as it sold for 0.000337. Massive!

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Right now, and at the back of several price fluctuations, Floki Inu’s price stands at 0.0000219 on coinmarketcap, and veterans are advising crypto enthusiasts to quickly jump on a new rival meme coin – Anarchy ($ANA).

Now, let’s get down to business and delve into the details to uncover the exciting world of $ANA.

The Anarchy Project ($ANA)

The Anarchy Project ($ANA) is a meme coin that zeroes in on calling out the wrongdoings of the political and economic leaderships using memes. It’s the age of social media, and this meme coin is trying to bring our placards and protest on the internet. On the $ANA project, community members will be going all out to expose corruption by creating memes and satirical content that’d be both amusing and ridiculing.

If you have suffered in the hands of corrupt institutions and you want to make a change, you are definitely going to enjoy riding with the $ANA meme coin. You will have a platform that rewards you for expressing your displeasure at dishonest governments and institutions, sharing jokes and bantering them with other community members.

So, whether you’re a seasoned investor or someone new to cryptocurrencies, $ANA presents an exciting opportunity to be part of a movement that combines entertainment with consciousness and activism.

Not only does $ANA offer a unique meme culture it also prioritizes the sustainability of its value. Unlike some other meme coins that may experience volatility and rapid price fluctuations, $ANA aims to maintain a sustainable and steady growth trajectory.

How they go about this is by carefully managing the supply and demand dynamics, and incorporating innovative mechanisms like burning 0.5% of each transaction so that its value is properly managed.

Now it’s easy to see why veterans are tipping the Anarchy ($ANA) meme coin to do wonders in the crypto market and rack up a large followership.


$ANA Presale

We are currently in $ANA’s first stage of presales and investors can reap early rewards by investing in $ANA tokens right now. Each token goes for $0.00021 right now.

Imagine all that potential for such a small price.


What are you waiting for then? Invest in $ANA and prepare for better returns than Floki Inu and its competitors. The Anarchy Project is set to rule.

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