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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Supports Potential SHIB Collaboration with Rock’n Vodka


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Shiba Inu lead developer’s response to a tweet proposing a collaboration with Rock’n Vodka creates a buzz in the community, sparking diverse reactions.

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Shytoshi Kusama, the enigmatic lead developer behind the Shiba Inu (SHIB) project, caused a stir on Twitter with a cryptic response to a tweet proposing a collaboration of Shiba Inu with a well-known beverage brand.

Within a series of hashtags, Kusama expressed agreement and excitement in response to the Shiba Inu marketer’s tease of a partnership between Rock’n Vodka and the SHIB ecosystem.

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Lucie, the marketing specialist of Shiba Inu, asked the community how interesting it would be to collaborate with Rock’n Vodka and Shiba Inu, accompanied by an image featuring the Shiba Inu logo alongside Rock’n Vodka.


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Mixed Reactions in Shiba Inu Community 

The Shiba Inu community was quick to respond, showcasing diverse opinions on the proposed collaboration.

Papparoti.eth, a recognized Shiba Inu OG, raised concerns about supporting an alcoholic product, advocating instead for seeking healthier partnerships that could foster a love for Shiba Inu among future generations.

Another Twitter user expressed reservations about Vodka being the suitable choice for the “moon mission,” hinting at the need for options that align with the project’s larger goals and aspirations.

However, the discussion took a light-hearted turn when a user from Poland injected humor into the conversation, playfully sharing their knowledge of Vodka as a sound investment while amusingly admitting to being “drunk today from Serbian Rakija.”

These comments showcased the diversity of perspectives within the SHIB community.

Amidst the varying opinions, another community member emphasized the broader potential of the Shiba Inu brand. The SHIB enthusiast drew attention to the forthcoming Shibarium, a highly anticipated decentralized ecosystem where Shiba Inu holders can create and multiply a wide range of products and services.

This perspective highlighted the future growth and expansion possibilities for Shiba Inu. Notably, the Shiba Inu community is in active collaborations with a prominent Italian fashion brand as well as a blockchain-based fast food store

Ultimately, Kusama’s tweet, combined with the lively and engaging responses from the community, exemplified the vibrancy and active participation of the Shiba Inu community in shaping the project’s trajectory.

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