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Thinking Crypto Podcast Founder Eyes XRP, Prepares for a Promising XRP Rally


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Thinking Crypto Podcast founder anticipates a rally for XRP as Bitcoin nears its peak, driven by hopes for a favorable ruling in the Ripple suit.

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In a recent tweet, Tony Edward, founder of the Thinking Crypto Podcast, expressed his excitement for a potential XRP rally once Bitcoin reaches its retracement peak, with his eyes set on XRP and Ethereum (ETH) as promising altcoins.

Edward’s optimism stems from his hopes for a favorable ruling by Judge Analisa Torres in the about-to-end lawsuit between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Edward predicts that as Bitcoin approaches its retracement peak of around $40K, altcoins like XRP and ETH could experience a significant price surge. His expectation for XRP’s rally is closely tied to a positive outcome in the Ripple lawsuit, anticipating that it would provide the necessary catalyst for XRP to embark on a notable upward trajectory.

Recall that a prominent lawyer representing XRP holders in the Ripple case argued that  XRP could potentially hit $10 post-lawsuit victory, as The Crypto Basic reported.

In preparation for XRP’s projected upside, Edward plans to adjust his investment strategy and take profits accordingly during the rally. He also considers accumulating XRP for the macro bull run following Bitcoin’s halving next year.

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Like Edward, a prominent Bitcoin maximalist has publicly stated that XRP is a must-have coin in his portfolio, as The Crypto Basic reported.

Crypto Community Expresses a Shared Sentiment

Commenters on Edward’s tweet echoed the sentiment that if XRP receives regulatory clarity with the green light from Judge Torres, it could become the go-to regulated non-security token, attracting substantial investment flows.

While expressing uncertainty about the price action XRP could take post-lawsuit victory, an XRP enthusiast argued that XRP has the potential to defy Bitcoin’s traditional four years cycles and exhibit unique price action.

Notably, this discussion builds upon previous news highlighting the anticipation surrounding Ripple’s legal battle and the potential impact on XRP’s future. The recent release of the Hinman emails has further fueled the hopes for XRP.

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