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Despite Recent XRP Dip, Expert Analyst Projects 269% Rally to $1.87


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XRP could be eyeing a 269% rally, according to analyst Dark Defender who envisions an ultimate price surge to $1.87.

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Prominent analyst Dark Defender has unveiled a new XRP price analysis that suggests an impending surge. According to him, despite the recent correction, XRP is eyeing a rally to an impressive $1.87 price. This would represent a 269% increase from its current value.

The recent post from Dark Defender builds on an earlier analysis he made for XRP. In May, the analyst first identified a pattern that caught the attention of XRP traders. 

Citing historical patterns and XRP’s price dynamics, Dark Defender predicted a rally to $0.89 and then to an ultimate price of $1.73. At the time, XRP oscillated between the price range of $0.44 and $0.50. 

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In the latest statement, Dark Defender shed light on the journey that XRP has embarked upon. The asset experienced a significant uptick following the court ruling, propelling its value to $0.9380 on July 13. 

However, the anticipated achievement of the $1.73 target remained elusive as XRP faced a correction phase, encountering a series of dips. Presently, XRP is trading at $0.5061, reflecting the current market turbulence.

XRP Projected to Hit $1.87

Despite these obstacles, Dark Defender’s unwavering confidence remains steadfast. The analyst’s predictions hinge on the Elliott Wave theory, a framework that gauges market trends by identifying repetitive patterns in investor sentiment. 

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According to the analyst, XRP’s journey has only reached its initial stages, with the completion of the first wave at $0.93 being viewed as a technical norm. 

Following the rally to $0.93, Dark Defender initially expected further climbs, with Wave 3 slated to breach the $0.93 mark and reach the target range of $1.67 to $1.73 in August. Despite the correction, he is confident this could still occur.

However, the recent market reality prompted a reevaluation of the structure, leading to new support levels. Notably, XRP’s wave trend is signaling a trend into oversold territory, which could trigger a bullish reversal.

Dark Defender has now reviewed the third wave’s target from $1.73 to $1.87. For XRP to claim the new $1.87 price target, it would need to appreciate by 269% from its current price. Dark Defender is confident that history will repeat itself.

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