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A Bold Move By Millionaires: Ditching Curve (CRV) And ImmutableX (IMX) For The Next Big Crypto Star


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In a startling shift of wealth and strategy, crypto millionaires are making the courageous leap from established cryptocurrencies like Curve (CRV) and ImmutableX (IMX) to place their bets on an emerging star: Everlodge (ELDG). This nascent, yet promising crypto asset is currently in its presale phase, creating a unique opportunity for savvy investors to get in on the ground floor.

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Everlodge (ELDG): The Rising Real Estate Star

Everlodge allows for the possibility of owning a slice of high-end properties for as little as $100. This is achieved by turning physical properties into digital tokens known as NFTs. These tokenized properties are secured on the blockchain, with the metadata of each NFT holding terms of ownership, such as rental rights, share percentages, and sale price.

The Everlodge platform provides the infrastructure for non-fungible tokenized assets to be traded securely and transparently. Transactions on the platform are conducted using ELDG tokens which give holders access to liquidity and safety through its network of smart contracts.

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Beyond being a simple platform for property investments, Everlodge’s ecosystem is rich with features catering to the modern investor. The Launchpad, for instance, provides a medium for property developers to gather funds and for investors to access potentially lucrative early-stage projects.

The Rewards Club and Lending program further enhance Everlodge’s appeal. The promise of perks such as free accommodations in luxury properties, combined with opportunities for steady passive income streams, has set the crypto community abuzz.

The ELDG token is a gateway to a plethora of benefits, such as passive income rewards, free vacations, membership rights, and discounts. Presale participants have been snapping up these tokens for $0.010 before they rise in price next round.

Analysts appreciate Everlodge fuses the tangible with the intangible, offering both the security of real estate and the versatility of digital assets. They predict that a 30x gain is likely, and with big partnerships in the pipeline, Everlodge looks set to be the next big crypto star.

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Curve Finance (CRV): The Damaging Breach of July 30

Curve Finance recently encountered a major security issue on July 30, which sent shockwaves through the DeFi sector. The flaw, stemming from reentrancy locks on specific Vyper programming language versions, allowed cybercriminals to compromise Curve Finance pools and steal $47 million.

The aftermath of the breach saw Curve Finance’s token price plummeting from $0.74 to $0.4850 within a mere 48 hours. While it momentarily climbed back to $0.71, the price of Curve Finance has returned under the $0.50 resistance to $0.47.

Conversely, during this turbulent period, Everlodge announced reaching the $250k raised milestone. The biggest Curve Finance holders know a revolutionary finance model when they see it, and are eager to capitalize on the discounted ELDG token.

With Curve Finance battling not to fall through $0.50 on the daily timeframe, holders are finding refuge in the Everlodge camp. There is little support zone under $0.50 so ELDG tokens provide a haven for those seeking to protect their funds.

ImmutableX (IMX): Evaluating Its Position Amidst Everlodge (ELDG)’s Rise

ImmutableX is an Ethereum layer-2 solution employing the ZK-rollup tech to improve scalability and reduce transaction costs. ImmutableX has been turning heads, especially with its strategic alliance with GameStop for tokenizing in-game assets.

Despite ImmutableX being an attractive project, its token price has been severely affected by the heated DeFi competition of recent times. The turn of the year saw ImmutableX surge from $0.38 to $1.57 in less than three months. However, the ImmutableX price now stands at $0.59 after a 17% weekly drop due.

Moreover, the likes of Arbitrum, Optimism, and Matic Network have been stealing the spotlight from ImmutableX which has triggered many holders to contemplate a move from IMX tokens to Everlodge.

Considering the fiercely competitive landscape, carving out a dominant position could be an uphill battle for the ImmutableX brigade. This is starkly different from Everlodge’s narrative, which enjoys the distinction of being the inaugural and, as of now, the sole fractional real estate protocol.

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