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Polygon Co-founder Invites Shiba Inu to Leverage Polygon zkEVM for Shibarium


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Polygon co-founder Bjelic has extended an invitation to the Shiba Inu ecosystem, advising the community to leverage Polygon zkEVM for Shibarium.

Mihailo Bjelic, the co-founder of Polygon, has offered valuable advice to the Shiba Inu community regarding the enhancement of their blockchain ecosystem. 

Bjelic’s suggestion comes after Polygon’s team played a pivotal role in rectifying issues faced by Shibarium, the Shiba Inu layer-2 solution. The unforeseen surge in users had led to operational challenges. However, Shibarium is now running seamlessly.

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Shiba Inu lead developer Kaal Dhairya expressed gratitude to the Polygon team for helping with the issues. The Polygon team’s assistance proved substantial because Shibarium is a fork of Polygon.

Following the shout-out from Dhairya, Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal pledged further support for Shiba Inu. He said the Polygon team is “always there to serve.”

Mihailo Bjelic’s recent counsel comes shortly after this pledge. Bjelic recommended a strategic move that could significantly elevate the capabilities of Shibarium. 

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He proposed that the Shiba Inu community consider adopting Polygon zkEVM for Shibarium. He also invited other layer-1 networks and sidechains, asking them to deploy as Ethereum-based layer-2 networks.

Polygon zkEVM boasts several impressive features. As a result of the promise of this technology, Bjelic believes leveraging Polygon zkEVM is a “no-brainer” for other chains. 

Benefits of Polygon zkEVM

One of the standout advantages of leveraging Polygon zkEVM is its unparalleled scalability. Polygon zkEVM can effortlessly handle multiple transactions per second. The protocol beats Ethereum and other notable networks.

Polygon zkEVM also addresses privacy, another critical concern in the blockchain space. Using zero-knowledge proofs, the protocol verifies transactions without revealing sensitive details.

This built-in privacy layer ensures that user data remains confidential, shielding it from potential breaches. Additionally, it thwarts attempts at front-running or censorship attacks, bolstering the security and trustworthiness of the ecosystem.

A key point of attraction for developers is the seamless compatibility Polygon zkEVM shares with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). 

The compatibility enables existing smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets designed for Ethereum to operate seamlessly on Polygon zkEVM, eliminating the need for intricate code modifications. 

The result is a smooth transition for projects like Shiba Inu to benefit from Ethereum’s extensive ecosystem while simultaneously enjoying the scalability and privacy features of Polygon zkEVM.

Some established and emerging ecosystems are already deploying on Polygon zkEVM. Spark ProtocolAave, and Venus Protocol are notable names looking to leverage this cutting-edge technology.

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