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1,987 Wallets With At Least 1M XRP Now Hold Over 42 Billion XRP


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XRP wallet addresses holding at least 1 million XRP tokens now amount to 1,987 in number, representing a decline of 10 addresses since August 10.

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This is according to data from the XRPL analytical resource Rich List. Notably, these addresses have slightly declined on the back of the long-standing bearish storm plaguing XRP and the broader crypto market.

Recall that these addresses with at least 1 million XRP totaled 1,997 as of August 10, per a report from The Crypto Basic. The current number of 1,987 represents a 0.5% decrease from the amount reported in August.

A Breakdown of These Addresses

Notably, of the current figure, addresses holding between 1 million and 5 million XRP have now dropped to 1,446. This figure was 1,461 last month, suggesting that this category of wallets has witnessed a decline of 15 addresses.

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XRP Addresses Holding at Least 1 Million
Rich listinfo

However, in an interesting twist, addresses holding between 5 million and 10 million XRP have seen a mild increase. These wallets were 160 in number as of August 10. Nonetheless, they have increased by 8 to the current figure of 168. 

This pattern suggests a trend of resilience among these holders. The increase, which comes at a time when other categories of holders have witnessed drops, represents sustained confidence despite the prevalent market turbulence.

Meanwhile, addresses with balances between 10 million and 20 million XRP have dropped by 3. These addresses totaled 160 at the time of the previous report. However, they have now decreased to 157. 

Another category of addresses that increased over the past month is the wallets holding between 100 million and 500 million XRP. These wallets increased by 3, currently totaling 158.

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Addresses holding from 500 million to 1 billion XRP decreased by 2, with the current number amounting to 22. Interestingly, the largest class of holders – addresses with at least 1 billion XRP – did not see a change in number. These addresses amount to 5. 

These Wallets Hold 42.7B XRP

Notably, the cumulative holding of these addresses now totals 42.73 billion XRP, currently valued at a whopping $21.6 million against current rates. This figure indicates that these wallets hold 80.6% of XRP’s total circulating supply.

The current balance also suggests that the cumulative holding of all wallets holding at least 1 million XRP has also decreased since August 10. At the time of the previous report, the balance stood at 42.92 billion XRP. This indicates that over 190 million XRP has left their balance.

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