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Shiba Inu Wallet Provider to Develop Ring-Shaped Crypto Storage Solution


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Shiba Inu’s wallet provider, Tangem, says it is currently in the process of developing a ring-shaped self-custodial crypto storage solution.

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Tangem, the developer of Shiba Inu-themed self-custodial hardware wallet, has announced plans to take the crypto storage business to the next level.

In a recent tweet, the Swiss-based wallet provider said it is developing a new product shaped like a ring.

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Tangem Showcases Shiba Inu-themed Wallets at Token2049

Notably, Tangem announced a few hours after sharing pictures of its participation in this year’s Token2049 conference.

As reported earlier, the event was held in Singapore on September 13-14, 2023. Interestingly, Tangem showcased the Shiba Inu-themed hardware wallet at the crypto conference.

The Swiss-based company revealed that it received positive feedback from attendees regarding the Shiba Inu-themed wallet.

Tangem Answers Crypto Community’s Call

While some Shiba Inu enthusiasts thanked Tangem for showcasing the SHIB-themed wallet at the conference, others questioned whether the company plans to develop a ring-shaped wallet instead of the card version.

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“Hello, do you think that the Tangem wallet could be a ring instead of the card?” a user quizzed.

Before now, crypto community members, including Shiba Inu enthusiasts, have been calling on Tangem to develop a ring-shaped hardware wallet.

Interestingly, the company has finally revealed that it is currently working on developing a ring-styled wallet based on growing users’ demands.

Launched in 2017, Tangem is a Swiss-based crypto wallet provider. Since its introduction, the company has provided innovative ways for crypto users to store, transfer, and swap their assets.

It bears mentioning that Tangem’s first wallet was in the form of smart banknotes. The wallet, first issued in 2018, was equipped with a chip developed by Samsung Semiconductor.

The company has since released different next-gen wallets, including a card-shape wallet, which works in combination with a PC or mobile device. Now, the company is working on developing a ring-shaped wallet.

Tangem Penetrates Shiba Inu Community

Tangem gained widespread popularity in the Shiba Inu community this year after it announced plans to develop SHIB-themed hardware wallets.

The wallet, which costs $77.7 each, has gained widespread adoption within a short time of its introduction. It bears mentioning that Tangem shipped the first batch of wallets comprising 5,000 units to customers in July 2023.

Based on growing demands, Tangem announced last month that the next batch of Shiba Inu wallets is now available for sale.

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