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XRP Toolkit Integrates Topper from Uphold to Enable Seamless XRP Purchases


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XRP Toolkit, a platform that helps users interact with the XRPL and its native DEX, has integrated Topper, an on-ramp protocol from XRP-friendly crypto exchange Uphold.

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Uphold announced the recent collaboration in a post on X, pointing out that XRP Toolkit helps to connect market participants to the XRP Ledger. The integration aims to give users an opportunity to seamlessly purchase XRP and other supported assets with fiat.

As of press time, XRP Toolkit has already added the Topper gateway to its platform. Interestingly, the platform has a “Buy” button on its interface. Clicking on this button takes the user to the Topperpay window.

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XRP Toolkit Integrates Topper from Uphold 084859
XRP Toolkit

Individuals who do not have an account with Topper will have to register, for KYC and regulatory purposes. Following the registration, users can purchase XRP with their cards and other fiat channels, and have their assets moved to their addresses, to be leveraged on XRP Toolkit.

XRP Toolkit and Its Limitation

For the uninitiated, XRP Toolkit acts as a client-side interface for effortless interaction with the XRPL and its native decentralized exchange (DEX). It simplifies crypto asset management by helping users to securely send/receive payments, trade XRPL-based assets and create escrows.

According to its official documentation, transactions on XRP Toolkit are peer-to-peer (P2P), eliminating intermediaries and enforcing direct trades with other users. This approach helps foster the original idea behind blockchain technology.

RippleX recently spotlighted the platform, noting that users looking to access advanced features on the XRP Ledger, including trustlines, and cross-currency transactions, could leverage its robust offerings. The platform integrates with several wallets such as Xumm, Ledger, and Keystone.

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Despite these offerings, XRP Toolkit does not provide an avenue for market participants to purchase XRP and other XRPL-based assets with fiat. Notably, users looking to do this would need to create accounts with centralized exchanges such as Binance, Kraken and Bitstamp, as stated on the platform.

Uphold’s Topper Provides a Solution 

The recent integration of Uphold’s Topper resolves this issue. Uphold introduced Topper in June to help DeFi wallets and self-custodial protocols provide seamless fiat-to-crypto services to their customers. It also helps individual users buy crypto with fiat directly to their wallet addresses.

Since its launch, Uphold has integrated Topper into several wallets, including Xumm, Bifrost Wallet and Casper Wallet. XRP Toolkit is the latest addition to this portfolio. Users on XRP Toolkit can now leverage the high approval rate and low fees offered by Topper to buy XRP and other assets.

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