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XRP Community Believes Ripple CTO is Saying DO not Sell Your XRP: Details


Members of the XRP community have identified a discreet message advising against selling XRP too early amid a recent disclosure from Ripple CTO David Schwartz.

In a recent tweet, Schwartz recounted the story of a regrettable investment decision he made several years ago with his Ethereum portfolio. He disclosed that he sold 40,000 Ethereum tokens for $1 each, with the proceeds directed to fund a solar panel project for a property he no longer owns.

Meanwhile, Schwartz acknowledged that the market value of the Ethereum tokens, which he sold for $40,000, later soared to $100 million. 

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Additionally, he revealed that his father had a parallel experience. He noted his dad liquidated his crypto portfolio and Apple stock, only to witness a substantial increase in their value shortly after.

XRP Army Sees it as “Don’t Sell Your XRP”

Interestingly, XRP community members found a subtle but profound message from the Ripple CTO’s anecdote. They believe he is urging them to remain steadfast in holding onto their XRP, irrespective of the XRP’s price below $1.

For instance, a pro-XRP X user replied to the tweet, noting that David Schwartz is passing across a message that patience will be rewarded as the value of XRP is anticipated to surge to greater heights soon.

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Similarly, prominent crypto analyst EGRAG replied to Schwartz’s tweet, saying, “Noted, do not sell your XRP.”

Meanwhile, some community members disagree with the interpretation that Schwartz’s tweet was a coded message about not selling XRP. Pro-XRP X user Guardy claimed Schwartz’s note focused on real estate and not about selling XRP too soon.

Notably, the timing of the Ripple CTO’s disclosure added a twist, favoring the sentiment of those who claimed he was urging against selling XRP too early. Another commenter remarked

“It’s exactly a warning not to sell. He didn’t need to tweet this right as XRP approaches $1.”

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