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Anodos Finance Founder Confirms Paying Team with XRP


Panos Mekras, the co-founder and chief finance officer of the XRPL project Anodos Finance, has revealed that he pays his team their remunerations in XRP.

In a recent communication via X, Mekras disclosed that Anodos Finance has been compensating team members with XRP since its inception. He added that the XRP payment move has not been limited to paychecks. 

In particular, Mekras stated that Anodos Finance also bolsters its treasury with a combination of XRP and stablecoins. He highlighted that the decision has been fueled by their unwavering faith in the XRP Ledger as they seek to redefine the landscape of crypto and Web3.

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XRP Perfectly Suited for Everyday Payments

Also, the Anodos Finance team noted on X that their commitment to the XRPL ecosystem goes beyond dedication. They leverage its exceptional advantages for their operational activities, one of which is prioritizing reimbursement with XRP. 

Additionally, the team admitted that transitioning the company’s payroll and payments to XRP enabled them to embrace the rapid and cost-efficient transactions offered by the XRP Ledger.

“The efficient nature of XRPL makes it perfectly suited for everyday payments and payroll, ensuring quick, secure, and cost-effective transactions,” the statement read.

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Inspired by the advantages presented by the XRP ecosystem, Anodos Finance extends an invitation to crypto market participants and businesses that have not yet embraced XRPL for their finance processes. 

“Join us on this journey as we navigate the transformative possibilities of blockchain technology,” Anodos Finance proclaimed.

Another Platform Leveraging XRP to Pay Workers

Similar to Anodos Finance, the renowned online freelance marketplace “goLance” leverages XRP to pay users of its job portal.

As The Crypto Basic reported last month, the founder of the freelance platform, Michael Brooks, unveiled how the company utilizes XRP to expedite payments to freelancers globally. Brooks noted that goLance integrated Ripple’s payment solution that utilizes XRP to ensure smooth payments.

The goLance CEO noted that they successfully eradicated exorbitant transaction fees and circumvented the delays associated with traditional banking processes by adopting Ripple’s XRP-based solution.

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