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How Vechain And Cardano Blockchains Are Changing Everyday Life

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Yahoo Finance recently published an article about Blockchain use in changing everyday life. The article highlighted Vechain and Cardano blockchain uses in changing life’s.

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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, but the key to its growth is its practical use. While many people know it for its use with cryptocurrencies, there are other ways to integrate blockchain into everyday life.

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This ability has captured innovators who use it to improve various areas. From medicine to education, blockchain technology is helping to improve outcomes and change strategies.

Vechain Everyday Life Uses:

  • World’s First Blockchain-based IVF Service App From Vechain And DNV

VeChain has brought the technological potential of blockchain to a new sector in collaboration with DNV and one of China’s most important healthcare facilities, Renji Hospital. The partners launched MyBaby, a blockchain-based service app for In-Vetro fertilization (IVF).

The app purpose is to mitigate the stress associated with IVF process by providing women and their families with a tool to help manage and improve the IVF process. The app enables hospitals to provide better data management services and can help families track their children’s progress.

In addition, the app was created to be a useful tool for reducing the anxiety, depression and stress associated with this process.

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Yahoo Finance Writes:

“MyBaby will be the world’s first blockchain-based IVF service application. With this app, improving data management and providing families with the ability to see the development of their baby clearly, easing some of the pressures of the process.

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Due to the immutable nature of blockchain technology, all the information, from imagery produced by medical tools to the delivery of the zygote itself, will be securely uploaded on the VeChainThor blockchain. It will only be available to the authorized users for the MyBaby App.

The project aims to provide all of this while also offering additional security by reducing the number of intermediaries between the production and delivery of the data.”

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  • VeChain Ocean Plastic Cleanup

ReSea Project, a Danish company offering a public solution and Vechain are committed to remove  plastic from oceans and rivers. Resea claimed they were able to clean up 305 metric tons of plastic waste from the ocean, and the results were verified using the VeChain blockchain.

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“VeChain’s ToolChain platform documented the entire cleaning process, tracking plastic waste from the point of retrieval to sorting and delivery to the local waste bank. With this solution, ReSea affects the environment in areas with poor waste management.”

  • Digital Certificate protected vaccinations of Covid-19 via E-HCert Application.
  • Bayer AG selected VeChain as tech provider for CSecure, the blockchain solution that allow it to track clinical drugs along the entire supply chain.

Cardano Everyday Life Uses:

Cardano is doing great in Africa. Bringing education to millions of students.

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Hoskinson believes:

“When these millions of students graduate, as they go into the economy, eventually this infrastructure can be used for buying property, for payments, for voting and all other matters of their economic life,”

Yahoo Finance Writes:

“In Ethiopia, the blockchain is helping improve outcomes for students. Cardano’s recent launch shows how they’re becoming involved in education in the region.

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Founded by one of the original Ethereum co-founders, Charles Hoskinson, Cardano might be similar to Ethereum, but it distinguishes itself through a commitment to peer-reviewed academic research.

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In April it announced a partnership with the Ethiopian government that would give it a platform to demonstrate and prove the practical applications of blockchain technology, namely their Cardano network. 

The Ethiopian government signed a deal to create a national database of student and teacher identifications (IDs) using a decentralized digital identity solution.

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The deal involves providing 5 million student IDs across 3,500 schools. The IDs will be used to store educational records for all these students, something that has never been possible in Ethiopia before now.

Hoskinson believes that this deal will go beyond maintaining student records. He feels the technology put in place now will benefit students across Ethiopia for years to come.

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Through this system, students won’t have to rely on their final grades to get into university. This will take a holistic approach to view their abilities. It aims to give them a better chance at success.”  

Blockchain technology is being adopted by many large business and companies. Blockchain because of its unique concept is becoming the future.

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Mark Brennan
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