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Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor: “Bitcoin Is Big Tech Network Without Company”

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Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor called Bitcoin big technology but without any company. Microstrategy currently holds 105,085 BTC. Michael Saylor is among the big names that are long term and hardcore support of Bitcoin, just like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

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Michael Saylor shared his thoughts with Natalie Brunell, who host the Coin Stories podcast.

Michael Saylor said that Bitcoin is similar to big tech technology but without the involvement of any company. He compared Bitcoin with top companies like Google, Facebook or Apple.

He said:

“You would like to have a big tech network that has all the dominance of Apple or Google or Facebook but without the company attached. So Bitcoin is Big Tech without the company.” 


Saylor is a passionate supporter of Bitcoin and has invested billions in it. However, he does not view it just as an investment opportunity. He stated:

“I found Bitcoin because I had a problem, and the traditional solution didn’t look like a solution anymore.”

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The Bitcoin Lover has repeatedly emphasized the fact that BTC is a better form of money. 

He said:

“Bitcoin allows users to have the huge tech network they desire, with all the dominance of Google or Facebook or Apple but no company attached. What you get is a pure big tech network. “



Saylor: I Will Not Sell Bitcoin

In the same interview with Natalie Brunell, Coin Stories, Michael Saylor says he isn’t forced to sell his Bitcoin or his company MicroStrategy BTC holdings.

He said I wouldn’t be forced to sell BTC no matter how low bitcoin prices go.

The CEO discussed the possible consequences if BTC’s price falls below MicroStrategy’s average entry point; Saylor clearly stated that he would not feel pressured to sell even a single BTC if this happens.

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 Saylor compared Bitcoin to electricity and fire.

“It took the human race 100,000 years to understand fire. It was a slow process. It took humanity around 20-30 years to figure out electricity, But BTC will not take 30 years. I believe information spreads faster, but it could take another decade.”

Bitcoin Can Make You Wealthy

He gave several examples of how Google, Amazon and Facebook have made their creators the wealthiest people in the world.

He gave his formula of becoming rich:

“If you want to get rich, your only hope is to create an asset that is going to appreciate by a factor of 100 or to buy an asset that is going to appreciate by a factor of 100.”

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Saylor and his company Microstrategy have been the subject of numerous headlines. They have always backed Bitcoin and BTC benefits as a mode of payment. 


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Albert Brown
Albert Brown
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