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Is Microsoft Looking Towards Shiba Inu?


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A recent Tweet from Microsoft has made Shiba Inu Community curious.

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On Thursday, Microsoft posted the following tweet on its official Twitter handle:

“There are two types of dogs on Teams meetings.”

As soon as an American multinational technology corporation posted this tweet, it went viral. Even the lead developer of SHIB, Shytoshi Kusama, noticed the tweet and responded to it with a GIF image showing curiosity.

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Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard for a blistering $68.7 billion following its current video game business strategy in the past month. This is supposed to be one of the most significant sales in the video game industry history.

This deal is making a solid connection between Microsoft and Shiba Inu (SHIB), too, as Shiba Inu has hired WilliamVolk, former VP Tech at Activision Blizzard, to consult on its play-to-earn non-fungible token (NFT) game.

The following official Tweet from the leading developer of SHIB, Shytoshi Kusama, posted on the event of Microsoft-Activision Blizzard’s deal also signals that maybe something big is coming for Shiba Inu (SHIB) in the future.

Keeping in mind the above facts and connections, the recent tweet from Microsoft is suggesting that maybe Shiba Inu’s team is in discussion with Microsoft about some partnership – especially like Microsoft should accept Shiba Inu as the form of payment method on its franchises, etc., which seems possible after Activision Blizzard’s deal.

However, no official statement or details are yet released by Microsoft or SHIB’s team. But suppose any rumors come true, and Microsoft declares the acceptance of Shiba Inu as the form of payment or sign any other deal with Shiba. In that case, this news will be a massive game-changer for the Shib ecosystem and will trigger the new Bull Run for the meme token.

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