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SHIB Lead Developer Says People Will Not Celebrate When Shibarium Beta Launches, But… 


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Shytoshi Kusama has expressed his thoughts on how SHIB community members will react when Shibarium finally goes live.

According to a Telegram screenshot shared by a Unification fund operator and validator, Ringoshi Tōitsu, Kusama noted on the messaging app that fans of the project might not celebrate when Shibarium launches. Instead of celebrating, people will start building on the network immediately, Kusama said.

“After launch, I don’t think people will celebrate. I think people will quickly start building, connecting, and working together,” said Shiba Inu’s lead developer.

While Kusama agrees that there is a cause for celebration, he said people would be more eager to start working on the L2 network.

“Unification, the cause for celebration is there for sure, but the work begins. Truly begins,” Kusama added.

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Shibarium’s Anticipation

Members of the Shiba Inu community have continued to anticipate the launch of Shibarium Beta for months. However, the L2 network has faced several technical delays that have stalled its launch. Understandably, SHIB community members are anticipating Shibarium’s launch, given the recent hype the L2 blockchain has gotten.

The development teams claim that Shibarium will offer fast, cheap, secure, and private transactions. Furthermore, the teams confirm developing “a renewed burn portal” specifically for Shibarium that will help to incinerate SHIB tokens through every transaction within the blockchain.

Kusama revealed this week that the upcoming L2 network is currently being developed to survive and thrive in the harshest winters.

While there is still no official date for Shibarium Beta, many suspect the project will go live soon. Earlier this week, Shiba Inu said it is about to launch Shibarium Beta while sharing a blog post explaining some basic concepts about the upcoming network for clarification purposes.

Shibarium to Utilize Unification OoO router

Meanwhile, Shibarium development teams have continued to share updates about the much-anticipated Layer-2 network. In a tweet yesterday, Tōitsu said the upcoming Shiba Inu’s L2 network would leverage Unification’s OoO router. 

“#Shibarium will be utilizing the Unification Foundation’s OoO Router,” said Tōitsu. 

According to Tōitsu, the initiative will allow Shibarium to report data to the Unification mainnet. 

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