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Shiba Inu: Shibarium Beta Wallets Exceed 5M, Surging by 86%


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The total number of wallets on the Shibarium testnet were 3.1 million on April 13, which now stands above 5M.

Shibarium, the layer-2 solution for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, is registering an impressive surge in adoption rate, as observed in the metrics of its testnet, Puppynet. Notably, the total number of wallets on Puppynet has increased by a massive 86% in just two days, exceeding 5 million.

Recall that Puppyscan, the dedicated explorer for Puppynet, experienced downtime on April 12 following a tweet from Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba Inu project lead, in which he hinted at ongoing development work.

After 14 hours, the explorer got back up, with the number of wallets on Puppynet standing at 3,122,259, as disclosed by The Crypto Basic on April 13. Moreover, the transaction count stood at 2,953,691 (2.95 million), while the total blocks were 340,700. 

Total wallets on the testnet now sit at 5,833,832 (5.8 million), marking an impressive 86% increase in just two days. Puppynet has welcomed 2.7 million wallets within the past two days. In addition, the transaction count has increased by 9.5% to the current total of 3.2 million transactions. Total blocks have also surged to 374,945.

Shibarium beta wallet exceed 5M
Shibarium beta wallet exceed 5M

Should Puppynet’s current pace remain sustained, the Shiba Inu community could witness a surge to 6 million wallets before the end of the week. However, amid these bullish trends, it bears mentioning that data suggests the network is currently undergoing an indexing process, and some counts may be inaccurate.

Puppynet was introduced last month to allow participants to test Shibarium’s potential and identify any issues to be addressed before the mainnet launch. Testing has so far remained on course, with the impressive feats achieved by the test network in terms of adoption rate.

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