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SHIB Hodlers Say Stop Calling Shiba Inu a Memecoin


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Shiba Inu holders are dropping the memecoin description when talking about SHIB, as the cryptocurrency seeks to promote utility over its memecoin origins.

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With the launch of projects such as Shiboshi NFTs and ShibaSwap, the Shiba ecosystem has expanded beyond a meme.

SHIB, first marketed as the Dogecoin Killer, is seeking to break free of the negative connotations given to such cryptocurrencies -often called scams or Ponzi schemes.

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“SHIB is not a mere memecoin anymore,”tweeted Shiba supporter Cris Kimura.“Now, SHIB is a payment currency that will be available worldwide soon.”

With SHIB thrusted further into the limelight in the last month, members of the ShibArmy stopped calling Shiba Inu a memecoin. Tweets shunning the memecoin label have gained hundreds, or thousands of likes, for example


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SHIB is Much More Than A Meme Coin:

To be Honest, SHIB has gained too much attraction and is not a meme coin anymore. There are plenty of points to prove that SHIB is much more than just a meme coin.

Robinhood’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Praises Shiba Inu Community. Shiba Inu Twitter Followers Are Now More Than Ethereum.

Coinbase the biggest American exchange not only listed SHIB but also made it possible for most strictly regulated New York area Residents to Trade Shiba Inu.

Big names came to support SHIB, National Football League (NFL) Player Brandon King Is Buying More SHIB, and SHIB Community also Got Itself A New Powerful Member, Candidate for US Senate 2022 Shannon Bray.

Toronto-Based Online Broker Wealthsimple, Indian Oldest Exchange Zebpay, Argentine Real Estate Agency,  New York-based trading app Public.com India’s Oldest Cryptocurrency Exchange Zebpay all Added Support For Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu also Surpasses Dogecoin For The First Time Ever, Shiba Inu Market Cap also crossed Nissan and LG Electronics.

World’s Largest Theater Chain, AMC CEO Took Poll On Twitter: “Should AMC Accept SHIB?” which they soon will as AMC yesterday listed BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH as the payment method

Shiba Inu is also Available At 4000 ATMs Across US And Brazil.

So all these are enough achievements to get rid of a meme title.

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