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Shiba Inu Market Cap Is Now More Than Nissan and LG Electronics


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Shiba Inu is now halfway to removing another zero from its price tag, and it has just surpassed Nissan in valuation.

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The price of Shib has hit yet another record high of $0.00005451 earlier today, according to CoinGecko data

With the cryptocurrency’s market cap hitting $21 billion, Shiba Inu is now bigger than Japanese car manufacturer Nissan ( $19.9 billion) and South Korean tech company LG Electronics ($19.88 billion).

nissan market cp


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Shib is up 87% this week alone, extending its streak of eye-popping gains.

As the question about the Shiba Inu listing was the top-voted one ahead of Robinhood’s Q3 earnings call.

Yet, the company failed to set the record straight on the matter despite investors’ expectations.

CEO Vlad Tenev said that the trading app was “carefully” evaluating new coins:

“We feel very very good about the coins that we’re currently listing on our platform and any new coins that we add we want to feel equal, if not better. “


Robinhood’s shares plunged more than 8% in after-hours trading after the company revealed that its cryptocurrency-based revenue had tanked by a higher-than-expected 78%.

The online brokerage app made only $51 million with cryptocurrency transactions compared to $233 Million during the previous quarter.

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