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VeChain Blockchain Milestones In Epidemic Prevention

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In major public health emergencies, blockchain is an ideal tool to realize data collaboration, traceability, privacy protection, security and credibility.

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However, it is difficult to guarantee real data accumulation and real epidemic awareness based on blockchain alone. VeChain adheres to the “blockchain + third party” development model in this field, and is committed to helping corporate partners who understand the importance of epidemic prevention to build anti-epidemic digital services, Vechain is helping all parties involved in public health safety (Government, enterprises) to Improve the management level of epidemic prevention measures.

Here we summarizes the products that are based on VeChain ToolChain that helps Public Epidemic Prevention.

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My Care

Based on the successful experience of developing digital verification service products, VeChain’s strategic partner DNV quickly developed My Care in response to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, aiming to adopt a hospital-level digital infection risk management solution combined with the data trust brought by Vechain blockchain technology, to help enterprises in various industries to improve the level of epidemic prevention.

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June 17, 2020– Finnish cruise and ferry company Viking Line became the first maritime company to obtain a My Care compliance statement, covering 7 ships and 6 terminals.

July 15, 2020– Color Line, one of the largest ferry companies in Europe, announced that it has obtained a compliance statement for infection risk management issued by DNV based on My Care. The statement covers the company’s six cargo ships operating between Norway, Denmark, Germany and Sweden and the corresponding terminals.

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July 29, 2020– ITC Hotels, the third largest hotel chain in India, announced the use of My Care methodology to enhance its epidemic risk control capabilities.

August 6, 2020– De Cecco , the world’s third largest pasta manufacturer, obtains a My Care infection risk management compliance statement, covering pasta factories in Fara San Martino and Ortona, olive oil factories, and businesses in Pescara Centers and other institutions.

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November 2, 2020– InterContinental Shanghai , the National Exhibition and Convention Center, was awarded the My Care Infection Risk Management Conformity Declaration Certificate, becoming the first hotel within the InterContinental Group to receive this certification. The certificate has been permanently stored on the VeChain blockchain and cannot be modified, which has contributed to the epidemic prevention work of the 3rd CIIE.

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Field Security Code

“Changanma” is an urban public health and safety management platform. Its methodology relies on experts from domestic health, disease control and other relevant departments, as well as international authoritative third-party risk management methods, and is formed under a team of third-party experts. The Vechain powered digital platform aims to help all participants strengthen their risk management levels in controlling and preventing any epidemic.


Starting from August 2020- Shanghai Hongqiao State Guest Hotel, Suzhou Qingshan Convention Center, Suzhou Nikko Hotel, Shanghai Baoshan Xingbao Nursing Home and other places have used “Changan Code-Hotel Version”.

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In early 2021 – Su City Shishan Wang Tong Xin Tai Streets and communities under the jurisdiction of 12 residential quarters took the lead on the line “Field Security Code – Community Edition.”

June 2021– All residential communities within the jurisdiction of Hengtang Sub-district, Shishan High-tech Zone, Suzhou City , launched the “Changan Code-Community Edition” based on blockchain technology, covering more than 300,000 local residents.

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June 2021At the 2021 Suzhou High-tech Zone Blockchain Industry Development Summit, “Field Code” was successfully selected as one of the top ten scenarios for the first batch of blockchain applications in Suzhou High-tech Zone , and the district leaders fully affirmed this.

Up to now, “Facility Code” has achieved service support in various business formats such as hotels, homestays, office buildings, science and technology parks, shopping malls, and wellness centers in Suzhou High-tech Zone and outside Suzhou. It has completed nearly 200 public places Service access.

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